Latest Surface Pro Demands Protection

The Latest Surface Pro Demands Protection

Next to its sheer processing power, portability is the latest Surface’s biggest strength. Its lightweight and easy-to-handle framework makes it incredibly convenient for anyone on the go. Unfortunately, the places it goes aren’t as friendly as the typical office…

line of credit

Know the Difference Between a Loan & a Line of Credit

In researching ways to borrow money from an online lender, you’ll find that you have the choice between two financial products: there are one-time loans and lines of credit at your disposal. Neither product is inherently good or bad,…

Restaurant Company's Marketing

How Can I Optimize My Restaurant Company’s Marketing Efforts?

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as watching your company get and remain in a state of ongoing growth. However, this state of perpetual growth will not materialize magically. Rather, it results from consistently implementing effective business-building strategies, including a…

man in suit

Men’s official wear essentials

Although it is hard to accept, most men – like women – struggle with their wardrobe choices. The choices become even harder when it comes to official wear. In business, presentation is rather important and the expectation is for…

summer driving

Summer Driving Tips for the Wayward Traveler

The weather is warming up and most of us will be hitting the road for all sorts of different outings, whether it is a sporting event, graduation party, backyard barbecue or a vacation. Most people view the summer as…


The Effects of Alcohol on your Driving

Every available statistic confirms that drinking and driving is a deadly combination. According to statistics, alcohol is involved in 40% of traffic accidents, and accidents that involve alcohol are much more likely to be fatal. Hopefully this information will…