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Everyone remembers their first car. It might have served as your trusted companion during high school or been a catalyst in your coming of age tale. Whatever story it has, everyone’s first car has a special place in their heart. As the best online traffic school California can offer, we know a lot of car stories.

There is the heartbreaking, empowering, and the occasional downright bizarre. After hearing about so many stories, even new stories about how CA is allowing driverless cars to carry passengers, we’ve compiled an extensive list of the best stories of people’s first cars. Below are your first car stories.

Your Guardian Altima 

Mom’s very first car may have only lasted 6-months, but they had a bond as if they were together for a lifetime. While driving in their 2008 Nissan Altima during the winter, they had struck a deep patch of black ice. Unbeknownst to its existence, because of its dark transparent color, mom found themselves swerving over the road.

Next thing they recalled was the sight of their demolished car strangling alongside a group of trees. The ice caused the Altima to become unrecognizable. Luckily, mom came out of the incident without a scratch. Since then, they only invest their time and money into Nissan Altima’s. If it wasn’t for their car, we may not have heard this story.

An Educational Camaro 

When it comes to teaching people about cars, you wouldn’t think a Camaro would do the trick. But, dad found that to not be the case. When they were 17 years old, they purchased a 1984 red Camaro with a T-top. When it wasn’t being used to race and show off to friends, it was broken down on the road.

Being the precious child of Aunt Sue, they wanted to ensure its longevity. For the next 6 years, they taught themselves everything they needed to know to conduct the necessary repairs on the car. Eventually, they parted ways. However, that doesn’t keep Aunt Sue from looking back on their educational experience with a warm heart.

Putting Pontiac out of its Misery 

The first car Uncle Quinn owned was a Pontiac Grand Am. The dashboard gauges didn’t work, the speedometer wasn’t operable, and you couldn’t see how much gas was in the car. All in all, it was a dangerous car to be driven. Which was part of the thrill for Uncle Quinn.

After learning how to gauge the speed of their car with a trained eye, and guessing when to fill up the gas tank, the Pontiac became a great asset for Uncle Quinn. However, one day, after a nearby late-night party, a drunk driver had struck and demolished the Pontiac. It was rammed against a nearby tree, where it sat for 3 days while Uncle Quinn was out of town.

Upon their arrival, they found a tin can, of what their car used to be, wrapped around a tree. After collecting insurance money, they ended up with the budget of affording a car twice the original price of the Pontiac. Now, Uncle Quinn drives their second car, which they found online.

When a Simple Repair Outprices the Car’s Worth 

A 1978 brown Volvo Station Wagon isn’t the most attractive vehicle. For $1800 in 1989, it would do the job. That’s what I thought when they made the purchase. After driving it for 4 years, the Volvo proved itself to be a trustworthy and dependable car.

The steed was able to get its driver from point A to point B, which is about all you can ask from a brown Volvo Station Wagon that’s 11 years old. However, after an exhaust pipe breakdown, the cost to repair the Volvo outpriced the value of the vehicle. I cut my losses and junked the car without blinking an eye.

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