Do not start your business, if you have not read this …(I)

Do not start your business, if you have not read this ...

Many people are constantly writing me messages like this:

“Edwin, I started my business, I opened a local and invested all my savings to sell such a product. But I’m having trouble because customers do not arrive. I do advertising, flyers and have good prices but I can not sell and I’m worried … what I can do? “

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs wanting to build something, make the mistake of ” take the plunge “and start a business without adequate preparation. They have enthusiasm and some capital but know that in the real world, that is not enough.

Constantly I wrote in the blog about this and felt that this was a good time to remember because it is nearly next year and with it come new expectations, dreams and projects. And my wish is that you can carry out these dreams but giving safe and with greater chances of success steps.

So in the first part of this post, I want to share with you some things that is important to take into account for your venture, before start your business and I’m sure you avoid many problems and distress during the operation thereof.

Do not start your business until you’ve …

  • I made a conscious plan to answer the most common questions: What do you do ?, How are you going to do ?, What you need to do well?
  • Researched your competition and know everything about them. What do well ?, What are their prices?, What are your weaknesses?
  • What is your market: What is the profile of your customer ?, your age, socio-economic range?, Interests?
  • What is your greatest strength: How well do you know?, What can be an advantage over your competitors?
  • What is your greatest weakness: How’ll supply that weakness?, What you can affect that weakness in your business?
  • As you can see, these are just a few simple questions that need answering before undertaking anything. As I mentioned, having enthusiasm is good, enthusiasm and energy are important ingredients in a venture because they deal with the emotional side.

    Now agregale the rational part. Analyzes, plans, think and leaves all the points clear before even investing a penny. Maybe this advice may sound a bit harsh especially if you really want to open the doors of your business today, but I’m sure to wait a few days and resolve these questions, you will ensure many nights of peaceful sleep. So do not start your business, if you have not read this. Wait for the next part of this entry …

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