To grow your business

To grow your business

One of the mechanisms most often use to strengthen my personal motivation is to read success stories.

I like the stories of entrepreneurs who have built huge multi-million companies because it opens my mind in an amazing way and allow me to remember that anyone can do. but also much they excited me the stories of small entrepreneurs in my city near whose stories never appear in the media but at the cost of enormous efforts and sacrifices to achieve their ventures give them a better life.

I recently had the opportunity to interview an enterprising girl which is working hard in your business, which incidentally is a restaurant-bar in the center of my city Guatemala. As we talked she expressed to me his desire to tell others about their history.

He had a great need to say that despite the difficulties and all the effort that represents start a small business, she was succeeding.

And it is that starting a business is actually a dream that not everyone can see realized. Many start with great enthusiasm but eventually realize that enthusiasm alone is no guarantee for success and often leave with great frustration.

So analyzing many of the stories I read, both successes and failures, I gather without much work that there are different reasons why a business can not function. However there is one in particular that have been identified and that impact heavily on the success or failure of a company that prevent a business to grow and today I want to share with you.

Do not expect the wheel begins to rotate

Starting a new business involves a process. A multi-step process ranging from making a business plan and a budget, to take action to legalize the company and start producing.

Of course I say is very easy, but I like to illustrate this process as the huge wheel of a cart that needed a large force at the beginning even several men who pushed so that it starts to rotate.

With time and with the inertia momentum causes the wheel to follow its path and thus continue to turn, with increasingly less effort.

Many entrepreneurs begin to take steps. Some responsibly informed or trained before starting to do anything to prepare. But the biggest mistake I’ve seen in 80% of these cases do not succeed can be summarized in the fact that: wish quick results. Most people actually want things to start working here and now. They want results and instant money.

They have the misconception that their business once in operation have to start generating profits right away. Probably this is the result of starting a business with a huge backlog of needs that prevent them from giving their minimum time to start to consolidate, grow and provide utilities.

I’ve seen shops, schools, bakeries, consulting offices, manufacturers of any product class and endless business with great potential, succumbing in its first months, simply by the fact that their owners did not have the patience to wait their companies to take shape, create market and develop its image. It just beats them despair and do not let your business grow.

Soon begin to “eat” its entire budget for operation and management of the business with the consequent collapse resulting in a rapid deterioration of infrastructure that has only one destination.

Unproductive leading to failure eventually wonder what went evil?And of course accept that they are primarily responsible for not having patience in the process would be as humble themselves so they end up apologizing when the market is bad, there is much competition, no sales, or was not the time for your product and another endless fallacious arguments.

Therefore, I can say, without fear of contradiction that the secret of many companies that if they do, they take flight and grow are those headed by someone who understands that undertaking is a process and is essential to allow time for the start spinning wheel ….

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