What You Really Need to Think about when Choosing the Kind of Packaging Your Product Needs


You may already be aware that there are various types of packaging you can use for your product, be it the basic yet still widely-used square packaging, tube packaging, bag style packaging, label design packaging, bottle packaging, packet packaging, and a lot more. Innovations are all over the place when it comes to packaging, and there are now various ways to package a product in order to make it more sustainable or environmentally-friendly as well. Your options are plentiful if you are choosing packaging for your product, but are all these options suited to your actual product? Here’s what you really need to think about when choosing the kind of packaging your product needs.

The main factors affecting the kind of packaging you choose

  • Your product

The very first factor which will affect your packaging choice is, of course, your product. If your product is in liquid form, for instance, then your options are automatically limited to bottles, juice boxes, and that’s about it. But sometimes, innovative ideas can make you stand out – think of juice boxes turned into juice sachets, or yoghurt from a cup to yoghurt which can be sucked through a straw from a packet.

  • Your competitors

You also have to think carefully about your competitors; whilst it pays to stand out from the crowd, is it really practical? Customers are used to specific items being placed in specific packaging, such as soup in tins, crisps in plastic bags, and so on. Some products may not require too much creativity when it comes to packaging, as customers are also comfortable with familiarity. If you go too much outside the box, your customers may not appreciate the innovation. It pays to have a good balance between ingenuity and creativity as well as familiarity; if you can find that balance, it may help your product tremendously.

  • Your actual budget

Whilst you may think that you have the best ideas when it comes to product packaging, you have to be realistic as well. And being realistic entails thinking about your budget for packaging. Whilst there are some cases where the packaging actually costs more than the product itself, this often works only if the product is a luxury product which pairs well with luxury packaging – and if your customer base has the money to afford it. Take the cost of your product into consideration and create packaging which suits its actual price. Sometimes, it’s better to make it simple and easily recognisable rather than going all out on exorbitant, pricy packaging. It depends on your product in the end, as experienced packaging design companies like Pactivate will confirm every time.


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