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  • Lifestyle

    What are the careers of the future?

    Forget the law and business administration. Software developers, biomedical engineers or data analyst are some of the races of the current era, in the medium…

  • Stress in the self-employed

    Stress in the self-employed

    There are many stressors in the daily life of an autonomous or self-employed. Sometimes it can be too much work, or having to work under…

  • Resign to be happy

    Resign to be happy

    The permanent dissatisfaction just moving away from the goals that enrich life. Making decisions is a first step on the road to the enjoyment. If…

  • The legacy of the Bauhaus

    The legacy of the Bauhaus

    Can you imagine school students fashion, design and painting laying the foundations of art? Students broke molds, rather than adapt to them. He was one…

  • The rushed lifestyle

    The rushed lifestyle

    There goes faster the more runs. Prioritize, say no and set schedules. Their existence and their work will benefit from the change. How many people…