How to Crack Your First Salesforce Interview

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With Salesforce dominating the cloud-CRM industry and experiencing a very rapid pace of growth, it has become very attractive for young software professionals as a career destination. However getting in through the door with a job or even an internship is not a cakewalk as candidates face extremely severe competition from very talented and driven individuals. You need to prepare yourself thoroughly so that you can get a foot edgeways by impressing the recruiters. Some tips:

Conduct a Thorough Research

If you intend to apply for an opening in Salesforce, then you should make an attempt to thoroughly understand what the company does and how it goes about doing it. To get a grip on it, you will need to review the current business focus of the company and how it has evolved during its relatively short history, as also its product offerings and culture. This represents a huge amount of information that you should allow yourself some amount of time to assimilate. So it is a good idea to start your studies well in time and not the day before your interview is scheduled.

One of the best ways of finding information about the company is the company website where you can get a large variety of details, including product overviews and success stories of clients. You can also watch a selection of a large number of videos on the company’s YouTube Channel and read up on the many blog posts. Salesforce nurtures a very vibrant presence on the social media that also carries lots of information on trending news as well as company announcements. Make sure that you really want to work for the company by checking out with someone who’s worked or working for the company. You might also like to bone up on trending product developments like Salesforce Git and Salesforce GitHub.

Preparing For the Big Day

Ensure that you appear for the interview well-rested, alert and completely refreshed. This means you need to opt out of a late night binge with your friends the night before. Look up the address so that you do not end up getting lost. Arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time so that you don’t have to race up the stairs to beat the clock. Business casuals are great as a dress code; make it a point to avoid funky T-shirts and flip-flops. Have a snack before the interview, but stay away from the heavy stuff as you don’t want to feel lethargic.

If you have a phone interview then ensure that you can conduct the conversation in an area that is quiet and free from disturbance. Make sure that you’ve got an Internet connection that doesn’t play up, and the job description, as well as your resume, is in front of you. Try and arm yourself with headphones so that you have your hands free to refer to any documents or to even take notes as you are speaking.

Demonstrate Your Passion

While you will no doubt have to respond to questions smartly, you should look out for opportunities to talk about your experience, strengths, passion, goals, and especially the values that are dear to Salesforce. The company has no dearth of applicants and you will want to prove that you are outstanding. You should be very clear about what it is that excites you about Salesforce and the role that you are looking forward to. You will make more sense to the interviewers if you can manage to relate the job description with the skills that you possess as then you can demonstrate that you can do justice to the job. You can make your candidature stronger if you can discuss specific examples from your experience – structure them logically with a clear and memorable narrative for maximum impact.

Don’t Be Shy of Asking Questions

Salesforce likes it when candidates are naturally inquisitive about various aspects of the company and its culture. There will be some questions you should come prepared with while others may crop up during the course of the interview. Make it a point to be relaxed and genuine during the interaction. Just focus on being your natural confident self and you’re sure to do well.


Author Bio: Cameron Majors is a Salesforce training veteran who is well known for her command over Salesforce Git and Salesforce GitHub. A keen photographer, she spends a lot of her leisure time in various CSR activities.

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