Some Essential Rules You Should Follow when Making an Employment Contract for a Physician


If you are a practice or organization making an offer of employment to a physician, there are some factors which you need to keep in mind. Even if everything has been agreed upon and everyone is amenable to the terms, you still need to make sure that all the details are ironed out – and that both you and the physician are able to fully benefit from the contract and agreement. It pays to be extra careful when making an employment contract, especially if you want the business relationship to be for the long term. Here are some essential rules you should follow when making an employment contract for a physician.

A customized agreement

Even if your organization may have a standard employment agreement which you use for all the physicians you hire, you should still make sure that the contract will contain whatever specific terms you have offered to the physician – and does not contradict the terms and offers in any way. To make it easier, you can simply have an addendum if you are not willing to amend the contract or agreement. Furthermore, you should review and assess your documents and forms on a regular basis, so they continue to reflect your practice operations. In addition to this, your counsel should review your agreements just to make sure that you have lawfully compliant provisions which can serve to protect your organization as well.

Answer their questions and concerns 

It’s certainly a given that a physician will have plenty of questions. Be prepared for whatever questions the physician may have and make the effort to answer their questions and concerns so that you can, from the beginning, form a relationship based on cooperation and trust as well as open and transparent communication. If the physician has asked for legal guidance or advice, don’t hold it against them – especially if the physician will be employed for the very first time. In fact, you should welcome comments and questions as it shows the physician’s willingness to take the offer – and the job – seriously.

Listen to the voice of reason 

Sometimes, employers tend to be unreasonable when dealing with new doctors or physicians, perhaps thinking that these physicians don’t know enough about various details for these details to matter. Some employers even insert provisions which are egregious; don’t be like one of these employers. Be fair and always think about the long term.

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