How to choose a good school

How to choose a good school

We are on dates to choose where your children cole next, either because it’s your first year or because you thought of change them, we give you the clues to not failing to attend his election year.

Although in theory there are many options when choosing a school for the children (in Spain there are over 20,000 schools), economic capacity of parents is a decisive factor which considerably reduces the options.

That does not mean that (the most expensive and only available to some) private and private schools are better than public, as experts say the quality of a school is determined by your faculty.

Experts also recommend that children be educated in an environment that favors the integration of people coming from different social and cultural environments, just what public schools offer.

To decide between public, private or concluded, therefore, prevail desires economic reasons, it is obvious that if the family budget can not bear the high costs of private or semi-private education, parents will have to opt for a public school.

In the case of choosing the private school, you should keep in mind that applications often outstrip supply, and that the school has its own selection criteria; normally an advantage that children receive a good academic record (if any other center), who has siblings studying at school, or who is the son of former students.

As for the concerted and public schools must follow admission standards set by the public administration. The applicant family will score points as they meet these criteria, the more points you earn, the more likely you are to get a place for your child.

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