6 tips for an elegant Christmas

6 tips for an elegant Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner it is worth remembering some formulas to keep in mind when we sit at the table for lunch or dinner. Family meals or dinners without being State, have a more formal point than at other times. And rightly so.

In a world fast food well, fast food, fast work, gym fast, fast sex, all-fast, these days is recovering well (as it were …) ways retro sit at the table and a certain slowness in our gestures. Today’s is a note with advice vintage yes, but extremely useful. Let’s go there.

1. How we sat down.

Contrary to popular belief, the places of honor at a square table are those in the middle. That’s the head of the table. At the flanks should be placed young or guests fitter, in order to defend the table of possible attacks.

No lady should have leg between his legs.

Sit straight, but not stiff.

Sit with your hands on the table (take them is hidden gunman) and elbows out of it. It is a council nursery but it only takes around for a restaurant to see anyone practice are given.

2. Children, to the table!

Children should sit at the table with the largest and learn to “be”.

They should also be prepared to eat the same as their elders. So, perhaps, the main menu should suit them (and not vice versa). We must also adapt the meal schedule so that they can take a nap or go to bed at your usual time.

6 tips for an elegant Christmas

During these days, as the timetables of a child is not regulated, it is more than possible that the child may suffer from jet-lag until April and you, young father, the quarter will be spent in the office of guardian.

And of course, grandmothers, aunts, cousins and other “expert mothers,” keep your mouth shut and in any case, I repeat, in any case! (And I will repeat again, in any case), would argue about the child of another mother much less, ‘much less! (again, much less) on the child of a new parent. Do light a wick very quickly, almost seconds ruin the family peace.

3. Table decoration and surroundings.

If doing so, take out holiday dishes.

If there is no possibility of doing so, play the card of the rustic, “the povera”. Hagan lack of media style, always works.

Make yourselves advocates of white earthenware. Mixed dishes and chair and table centers are Mediterranean. That whatever “by force” and because “no choice” becomes a treatise on aesthetics.

Decorate the house and the table thinking, not to have to put it, but that, when you pass the holiday crowds, a soul will have to remove all those bows balls. The pititas of Hello! have service, possibly imported from some former British colony. You and I, no.

Why? Because we are poor. And we must do it with our own hands. Ask yourself if this trip were needed for many saddlebags. The craze of imitating the poor Carmen Lomana is quite unhealthy.

4. How to dress at a formal dinner.

Good. Get dressed well, as they would like to dress their grandmothers. Honor the oldest people at the table and avoid conflict (you out the piercing !) because today is not the right to claim your point of view about things day. Instead of unnerve your elders so as inconsistent, write one tractatus, a pamphlet do yourself more radical anarchist militants, Escapad Africa. But on Christmas Day, stop!!!

5. Christmas Conversation and forbidden subjects.

The conversation that is inconsistent, almost nonexistent, almost like you have with a neighbor in the elevator. Do not talk about anything. It is an art that any smart person should dominate.

Do not, for example, obviously queer nephew questions about whether or not he has a girlfriend. You already know that, if, would boyfriend. Do not be wicked or insist on asking unemployed if his brother has found work or not.

And important: do not talk about diets. In the table, eating, not talking about diets. I tell you, do not talk about anything, anything, anything.

What yes you can talk then? Only talk about safe values, infallible topics: Diego Rivera Velázquez, Murillo, El Escorial, Bernini, Lope de Vega, Petrarca, how a square root, how to prepare a combined hunting ago (or not depends) Riding and horses (never football), talk time …

6. Alcohol, family and Christmas.

Just do not drink alcohol. Do not favor in two ways: You do not stabbed your brother (which is very beneficial for him and for you), and completely sober as’ll, you’ll see exactly and finally! The kind of family you have, so you will understand many things about yourself.

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