Enhance the Macho Look with the Right Choice of Rings


You must have often been tempted to wear rings, but have desisted from doing so simply because you felt that it would take away your manly look. You must realize that wearing a ring that is just right for your personality can enhance the macho look. A man who looks distinguished in a suit could really upgrade his looks by sporting the right ring.

You could transform your personality from just being smart to dashing by wearing the right ring. Stop hesitating, go ahead and choose the ring that best complements your looks, personality and lifestyle. Just remember to be subtle. Avoid flashy rings as that could be unattractive and distracting.

You must understand that a guy could flaunt jewelry with great style without damaging his masculine personality. Including a necklace, bracelet or a ring in your normal or daily appearance would really be elevating your style and adding an all new attention-grabbing touch to your overall personality.

Here comes an inspirational guide for all those men, who have been hesitating and contemplating whether to sport a ring or to give it a miss. You could go ahead and wear a ring and yet, look dashing and manly as ever. Remember rings are symbolic of power and your choice of a ring would be demonstrating your overall personality, marital status, class, and lifestyle. Here are a few simple tips from top personal grooming consultants.

  • Remember to choose classy rings. Wearing classy jewelry is certainly effective in upgrading a man’s personality and fashion level. But stay away from adding excessive bling as that could misfire. Wear subtle and matte rings to look stylish and classy. Remember to make the right choice because there is a thin line of distinction between classy and gaudy. Avoid overdose of sheen for a powerful and macho look.
  • A classic choice of gentlemen would be a plain and simple metal ring. It could be a platinum, silver or gold ring as per your fascination.
  • It is better to wear one classy ring instead of wearing many. Excess jewelry should be avoided by men to retain the macho look.
  • Matching your metals is essential to look hot and sexy. If a man chooses to wear a nice silver ring, he should opt for a belt with silver buckle or silver cufflinks. You should sport a single metal tone at a time. This would make you look even manlier and certainly more attractive.
  • Keep in mind that no woman likes to see her man sporting a solitaire ring on his finger. She would rather take it as a present from you. So it is a good idea to save the precious diamonds for the lady in your life. If you are keen on showing off your affluence, opt for tiny precious stones on your rings only if you are really very keen on it.
  • If you are romantically inclined, wear a silver ring with a name and a date engraved on the back of the ring. Your lady love would be delighted by this romantic gesture.
  • Choose a perfect ring. It should be of the right size and shape. Keep it simple and do not go overboard.

The secret to wearing a ring and looking as manly as ever is to uphold your style-quotient and be confident in everything you do. Being classy and simple is the ultimate mantra for success.


Author Bio: Charles Harrison is a personal grooming expert, who has helped numerous clients look suave and confident. He believes that it is important to carry yourself well. So choosing the right attire and jewelry is just a part, you need to be brimming with confidence to look nice and manly. He prefers men’s wedding bands to be simple yet classy.

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