Tungsten Wedding Bands: Advantages and Disadvantages

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Choosing a wedding ring could be a challenging affair. You need to ensure that the ring you choose is the one that will stand the test of time and will retain its sheen even when it is being worn all the time. Tungsten is the newest wedding ring material that may not be as precious as silver or gold, but could be just right for the kind of wedding band you are looking for. Tungsten is truly a powerful material that would definitely last you an entire lifetime. Tungsten wedding rings come in a plethora of designs and styles.

The Advantages

Tungsten wedding rings are very much in vogue and they are gaining in popularity by the day. More and more couples are showing their inclination toward the sleek, gorgeous and contemporary tungsten wedding rings. Of course, there are a number of merits attached to tungsten wedding rings. No wonder people are buying them to symbolize the deep bond and immortal love for their life partner.

Relatively Less Expensive: The biggest merit of tungsten wedding bands is that they are extremely reasonably priced. Although they come in sleek contemporary styles, they are less costly than any other lasting wedding rings. Even premium quality designer Tungsten wedding bands could be bought at highly reasonable prices that are usually much less than platinum or gold wedding rings. They never lose their sheen and retain their luster for the years to come. A gorgeous tungsten ring in a unique design is the best buy for the new generation brides and grooms.

Everlasting Beauty: Not only these tungsten rings are inexpensive and come in eye-catching designs, they never lose their color, sheen or charm. They do not ever scratch, bend or go out of shape. They are really everlasting and are great for daily use. These rings are truly adept at taking a beating. Their color never fades and the sheen is intact forever. Matte finish rings stay matte forever without any room for scratches ever.

Harder than Even Titanium

Tungsten is supposed to be much harder than titanium. Even on your silver wedding anniversary, your wedding ring would look as good as new. You would never need to take your tungsten wedding ring to the jeweler for getting it polished or cleaned.

Easy Maintenance

It is surely easy maintenance as far as tungsten wedding rings are concerned. Simply run it through warm water and then wipe it off. You have no reason to worry about any lotion or chemical build up. Your tungsten ring would retain its appearance, color, and sheen throughout your lifetime. It remains as sparkling as it was when you had bought it. With minimal care, these rings could maintain their stunning looks.

The Demerits

Resizing Not Possible: Tungsten rings cannot be resized. It is a good idea to avoid buying a really snug fit ring. It is always better to opt for a slightly larger than needed because, in case you gain weight, there is no way your wedding ring could be resized. Buy from a renowned jeweler so that there are absolutely no sizing issues.

Avoid Cheaper Versions: The cheaper versions are known to use cobalt as an alloy and this can cause discoloration. Your milky white fingers could turn brown. Better to buy tungsten rings with nickel as an alloy. Sticking to famous brands is the key to buying top quality wedding rings.

Purely and Merely Sentimental Value: Tungsten wedding rings would always have great emotional and sentimental value to the brides and the bridegrooms, but practically speaking, they have absolutely no real value. Even though gold’s value keeps fluctuating from time to time, it could become far more valuable over time. But Tungsten would forever remain pretty much an affordable option.

Merits definitely outweigh the demerits and you can go ahead with your plans of buying a tungsten wedding band.

Author Bio: Kevin Cavanaugh is a jewelry designer and an artist who has designed special pieces, tungsten wedding bands and unconventional jewelry for top jewelers. He has recently made forays into blogging and posts several designs he is currently working on.

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