Why Do People Still Wear Jewellery?


People have always been fascinated by jewellery. It is durable and can outlast numerous generations. That’s why a lot of people covet owning jewellery. They can also pass it down to their children and their children’s children.

Jewellery has been fashioned into numerous designs and styles, using precious gemstones, precious metal, amber and coral to create elegant and beautiful statement pieces. Although jewellery designs, including size and shape, vastly differ from one culture to another, there are still some similarities we can pinpoint about them.

People wear jewellery for a lot of reasons. Since the ancient times, jewellery has been used to accentuate the human body. Adorning the body with jewellery is still the norm nowadays and, now, it performs quite a few functions for us. Jewellery also acts as markers or symbols of some sort.

Down below, we have listed the top reasons why people still wear jewellery. Check them out:

  • To pin clothing or hair in place. Jewellery can make you look put together. It can pin clothes in a way that could enhance your appearance. When you are trying to make a plunging neckline more inconspicuous to hide your cleavage, a brooch is useful to keep it closed together. You can look more presentable this way. Jewellery is also helpful in keeping your hair under control. Hair ornaments are both beautiful and functional. They can help make you look sharp.
  • As a marker of social and personal status. Jewellery is also a mark of wealth and power. The more jewellery you have, the more affluent you are. People like to splurge on these things to make known to everyone their social status. That’s why jewellery is sometimes perceived as ostentatious and flashy. But, jewellery is usually a signifier of your personal A wedding ring means you are off the market and are devoted to your partner. It is a useful indicator of your relationship status.
  • As an artistic display. Jewellery is also used to convey personal artistic expression. It can give your everyday look a personal flair. This way, your sense of style can shine through. Jewellery is, often, a reflection of your personality. So, when you wear jewellery, it can be considered as an extension of yourself.
  • As a carrier or symbol of personal meaning. Jewellery is most often given as a gift because it can convey hidden feelings such as love. It can carry personal meanings. For example, you can make a promise to yourself or someone else, and this is the purpose of promise rings.
  • As a talisman. Jewellery in the form of an amulet is a prominent fixture in various cultures. It is believed, for example, that birthstones provide protection, bring fortune or enhance personal luck. So, getting a birthstone pendant makes you feel secure and well-guarded from any harm.

These are the reasons why jewellery still captivates thousands of people. You can check out to look for the perfect jewellery design and style for you.


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