Patchwork collage of my memories

Patchwork collage of my memories

Twenty years ago a house full of illusions built. The joy with which I hid in their wardrobes and ran around the floor is still unfinished indelible in my memory not because of that and does a lot but in the videos there to witness that. My mother was always arranged, in that I have always found her.

I appreciate the personal care, cosmetic and ornaments. She was not dressed, she wore makeup or not he dressed to hide quite the contrary. Both are cute and we like to like it. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but we always felt comfortable with our rituals.

In that closet that I spoke shortly thereafter would keep fondly trousers. That would take my pants proud mother in her youth. For many years he was a key piece in her wardrobe but with the passage of time was forgotten, or rather, in the back of that closet. I’ve seen pictures of her with trousers on and I have to admit that it looked stunning.

Few months we are reforming that house twenty years ago, was full of illusions ago. Many things have changed but one that still maintained intact: the pants. Continues where we left off, without wrinkle, without blemish, as if time had not passed for him.

After twenty years that has changed was me. I have always looked closet pants as “mom pants” Now, with some stylistic experience, I can say that it is “trousers vintage effect patchwork”. It may sound frivolous but it is. And all this, what is the patchwork ?

The patchwork is a traditional technique that takes using a tissue when drawing over a thousand years ago-not a say. It is to produce garments from different fabric scraps or as commonly understood: starting with patches. Precisely hence comes the name to this ancient technique that prevailed in the West firmly until the 70s of the last century: ” patchwork “,” patch work “.

What began as a sort of economy of materials-so scarce or expensive-tissue has become a trend increasingly followed and not by its proposal “echo” took advantage. The trend continues because like, nothing more.

Original, despite having been marketed to death. If fulfilled the role that was assigned originally this technique would delight protectors of Mother Earth and the advocates of “fair trade”.

Today I have pants that have “effect patchwork “and also are vintage. They are vintage because they have more than twenty years and “effect” that simulate the composition patchwork without patchwork. I love. They form what could well be a collage.

In my case, this pant forms a collage of memories. It’s a trendy trousers! But even if such a long call and frivolous name is and will remain “Mom pants.”

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