10 Tips for Choosing A Perfect Christmas Gift

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Sometimes, we are guided by the fashion, the offerings or the unceasing plea of ​​our children, however, as parents we have the mission to help them develop not only through the formal channels of education, but also through play and recreation. Learn how to choose a correct toy.

The most anxious dates for the little ones of the house are approaching, everything is magic, happiness and of course, gifts. There are many requests that the children are making to their beloved parents, and the moment of greatest illusion is when they put it in the letter with a gift. That’s when we enter into action fathers and mothers anxious to please the little ones to fulfill all their desires, believing that if you do not get that doll, that little bike or bike you love so much is going to trauma.

Of course it is important to take into account the likes and desires of the little ones in the house, but there are many other factors that can be more transcendental if to help them to develop and grow in a happy way is about.

We tell you what criteria you should consider before you start shopping.


  1. That they are not games or sexist toys: it is a question of the children being initiated in egalitarian values, and that there is no distinction by sexes.
  1. That they are suitable for your age: take into account the recommendations that you can give the sellers of the store where you buy and note what the toy box says, as it is always should be indicated for what age is recommended.
  1. That they are correct for their development: it is important that the toys also help the child to an adequate cognitive and affective development. Remember that most things children learn through play.
  1. Do not be violent: avoid toys that promote war and violence in general.
  1. Meet the expectations of the child: of course, the child’s expectations must be present so that they do not become disillusioned.
  1. That they also have content that can be shared: Board games, puzzles, and all those toys that can promote group activity, and teamwork, both family and friends.
  1. Promote physical activity and sport: it is important to take this into account and give away toys that can be used outdoors.
  1. That they can play with him for a long time: that they are not toys that last a day or two, or those for which the child loses his motivation quickly.
  1. That they are useful: it is important that inside the gifts also there is something that can be useful, and not just for pleasure.
  1. Let them be original gifts: if we want creative children, let’s start by being us too. Give moments: Travel, tickets to attend theater functions, courses, workshops etc.

Finally, it is not necessary that the child receives many gifts at Christmas, but does not mean better. It is important that their wishes are taken into account with a degree of realism and sometimes it is better that they receive awards throughout the year for their efforts.

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