Tommy Hilfiger presents its new spring-summer collection

Tommy Hilfiger presents its new spring-summer collection

Exotic and tropical islands are the substrate of the latest spring-summer collection American designer Tommy Hilfiger.

Thirty years ago, Tommy Hilfiger took a plane with his family towards Mustique, one of the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean. He rented the house singer of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, and to the surprise of many, nothing was as before.

The New York designer fell in love literally in this quiet and sparsely inhabited land -in that time there were only 50 houses- and continued to travel up to four times each year to the island. In 1990 he tired of paying rent and decided to buy his own house next to Mick Jagger. In this area of 2.6 hectares he had only a small wooden house in three and a half years in Palm Beach became a classic style mansion with eight bedrooms, 250 palm trees, a library, cinema, swimming pool and tennis court.

The story of Mustique is very particular. More than fifty years ago, Lord Glenconner, Colin Terranant, bought the island for 45,000 pounds. His initial goal was to grow cotton, but their plans did not work. So he decided to create Mustique Company and sell land.

Two architects were responsible for shaping this sophisticated island Oliver Messel British and Swedish Arne Hasselqvist. In addition, as a wedding gift, Terranant gave him a batch Princess Margaret of England, which turned the island into a place frequently visited by artists, actors, aristocrats and designers, as Hilfiger.

The creator of this American brand has assured them several means here usually play volleyball, cycling and evenings, with his wife, Deo Ocleppo, Basil walk to the bar to take a cocktail. And although he claims that manages completely disconnect from the accelerated life of the Big Apple, his creative instinct is present 24 hours a day, why this island was the main inspiration for his latest spring-summer 2016 collection, named the good life (the good life) presented at Fashion Week in New York.

“This season we channel this inspiration island life in our campaign colorful and fresh, with an eclectic twist. Nautical and tropical influences mix with paddle washed by the sun and athletic details. Everything revolves around a relaxing holiday at the beach with a glamorous touch, “Hilfiger says.

A great trip

But not only Mustique is one of the favorite places and the starting point of Tommy Hilfiger in this new proposal. The collection is conceived as a great adventure of three islands.

First is Honolulu, capital of Hawaii. Here the red, white and blue appear in blocks, bright and vibrant colors.

Prints merge tropical florals, stripes and marine scenes inspired by postcards from the fifties. Sailors pants and blazers are the essential combination of the season. In addition, accessories radiate sporty and clean aesthetic of this city.

Then there is Havana, capital of Cuba. For Latino heritage prevails the use of earth tones and ornate details; silhouettes are fluid and sports like baseball and bowling give a retro touch to the collection. Linen, lace and felt stitches are always present.

The adventure ends in Martha’s Vineyard, an island eleven kilometers off the coast of Massachusetts, in the United States, essential holiday destination in the West Coast. Inspired by the marine life in the area, show prints gulls, style is relaxed and cool and mix of fabrics and chambray stripes are key. The essential are the denim and classic summery blouses.

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