Trust Your Tailor for Made to Measure Suits


Made to measure suit tailors have years of experiences in doing the job. Therefore, if you decide to have this type of suit made, you need to trust the tailor to come up with something that really looks good on you.

This does not mean that you will not be involved, but you need to not contradict the opinion of the tailor all the time. Besides, you might have a false perception of your body. You can’t embrace your imperfections, so you pretend they don’t exist. Your tailor can see this and will be very honest in telling you exactly what you need to wear.

Hundreds of suits

Your tailor might have made hundreds upon thousands of made to measure suits in his lifetime. Therefore, you can say that he is the expert when it comes to tailoring fitted suits. This also means that he has worked with different body types and sizes in the past. This should make you feel more confident that he can give you the type of suit that will really look amazing on you.

You can still ask questions though or ask for choices so you can make a decision. Good tailors rarely impose on their clients, but a lot of clients ask their tailor to decide for them as they know better. 

Respect the creative process

Aside from trusting your tailor to do the job well, you also have to respect the creative process involved in making the suit. This is why it takes weeks or even months before the suit is finished. There are details that have to be looked into. The measurements have to be right, so the final product will look perfect. It is a big no for you to ask your tailor to hurry things up. This is a sign of total disrespect. If you really need the suit to be done in time for an event, you have to consult with a tailor first and ask how long it would take for the suit to be finished. You should stick with the schedule and not try to speed the process up along the way. If you don’t have that much time, you can just opt for a suit that is off the rack.

Do your share

It is also important that you are fully engaged in this process. If you are asked to choose from different fabrics available, you have to make a decision. The same thing is true for all other details that require your input. You should also research in advance on the types of suits that would look good on you, so it will be easier to discuss options with your tailor. This could also speed the process up. Ask others who have tried these suits before for their recommendations.

Your tailor is not just someone who creates suits. He is an artist. For many years in the UK, tailors have been something of a sacred institution. Therefore, you need to respect their creativity and their opinions on anything related to the creation of a tailored suit.

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