What hides the tux?

What hides the tux

It is no coincidence that the model Anna Selezneva for several seasons star in the catalog Mango Fall-Winter collection with different styles of tuxedo. In any way. This fashion giant knows that the tuxedo is part of the female repertoire at the time of going to night parties and events label.

Not only that, Queens Street Style blogs look in these parts and sections of fashion magazines with the greatest circulation at global and national level. Why such a signature acclaimed as Mango would dispense with this outfit so recurrent and successful? Instead what it does is update this garment each season and adapt to the most advanced trends.

Besides being a safe bet in any social event, it is very profitable for manufacturers market the tuxedo adding pieces to a standard design that was before and now is more of a puzzle. Puzzle, as is sometimes mortifying, yet exciting new ways to break the pattern in a simple and fetish garment.

What hides the tux

Know this much already disappeared Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008), who introduced the tuxedo in the female wardrobe in 1966. His contribution to the world of fashion was known as “Le Smoking”, a version of the tuxedo for woman.

Some of you may wonder, what is the tuxedo? Well, in Spain, the male costume label (later adapted to the female wardrobe) that looks at parties and night events called tuxedo.

In EE. UU., However, this garment is called tuxedo. Nothing to do with the outfit called “smoking jacket”, used by the men in the nineteenth century to smoke, but still lingers in his reminiscence sessions and fashion reports.

Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo used as a recurring theme in their collections and popularized its use. The staging of power, sobriety and correctness meat in every one of their designs, something crucial to innovate architectural tuxedo made. With skirts, shorts, trousers … The possibilities seemed endless to open the way tuxedo operating as a pledge, now democratic.

Still in the sixties women were restricted to certain local step to bring tuxedo. Today the reality is different, while pregnant to fit in it. Does the Beyonce pregnancy announcement live full wearing a tuxedo was not the icing on the cake? Many who previously admonished women for wearing tuxedo would be shocked to see how far it has come the revolution that began Yves Saint Laurent.

No more secrets and can tell what I hid this garment. Clothing exclusively for men in the past and now curiously seems to have many more possibilities for combining them in them in view of the vastness of accessories that can come into play to form the perfect look.

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