Discover the Types of Elisa Kits and their Applications

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Good health is the key to a fulfilling life. When you are healthy and strong, you can work and play as much as you need to. Sadly, we are surrounded by organisms that can cause us to get sick. Examples of these are fungi, bacteria and viruses. Some of them are transmitted through the air while others are transmitted through water. Once we get sick and visit the doctor, they can use an ELISA kit to determine what is ailing us and then prescribe some medication.

ELISA stands for Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay. It is a piece of medical equipment that can be used in diagnosis. The medical practitioners use this kit to identify the presence of proteins, peptides as well as antigens. There are some kits for humans and also some others for other species. Elisa kits for animals are used by veterinarians and scientists.

There are Elisa kits for various animal species. Examples of these include:

  1. Ducks
  2. Canines or dogs
  3. Guinea pigs
  4. Humans
  5. Pigeons
  6. Fish
  7. Plants
  8. Sheep or ovine
  9. Equine or horses
  10. Donkeys
  11. Porcine or pigs
  12. Rats
  13. Camels

Each species has a unique type of Elisa kit for it. Each kit detects the specific antigens that could be in the fluids of these species. The scientists order for Elisa kits that match the species that they are working on.

What is an Elisa kit used for?

This kit is a special piece of equipment that is designed to identify the presence or absence of cytokines, peptides and antigens. The kit can also be used in medical research. For example it is instrumental in analyzing the routes utilized by biochemical fluids in the body.

Elisa kits can also be used to identify the various levels of infection. For example, these kits are very important in identifying the levels of cancer infection.

The Zika virus is one of the most recent scourges to hit populations. The zika igm elisa kit is used to detect if a person has the virus. Plasma, serums or other body fluids are tested for the virus.

Varieties of Elisa kits

Scientists and medical practitioners have access to various kinds of Elisa kits. The kits have different levels of sensitivity. They also have various levels of range. There are two main varieties of these kits. They are the sandwich and the competitive Elisa kits.

The sandwich variety of the Elisa kit makes use of two parts. One of these is used for the purpose of capturing antibodies by binding them. The other part is used to detect which type of antibody has been bound. The competitive Elisa kits comes with its own antigen. The scientists expose it to a fluid sample and observe if the packed antigen will compete with the present antigen to bind to the antibodies.


Every laboratory today has a number of Elisa kits. They are very important in diagnosis. Medical researchers and scientists also find them very useful.


Jimmy Bond is a scientist. He is one of the first scientists to handle and use the zika igm elisa. He has over ten years experience with laboratory equipment of this nature. Visit his blog today and learn more about him.

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