Modern solutions for constipation holiday

Modern solutions for constipation holiday

English speakers, who do everything sounding acronym for ‘cool’, have called CPABH: can not poop anywhere but home. But many acronyms we put him uncool. Here are several tools to help.

One gets older, begins to have hangovers than forty-eight hours, and begins to consider that perhaps the best day of any festival is the last, when you sleep on your bed, showering a civilized temperature and have all your bath for you.

Malodorous and / or without toilet paper, foreign companies (at what point of the trip lovely new partner your friend started resultarte or unbearable thought it was a good idea to travel with all your cousins?) Public toilets, changing diet (everyone knows that in summer not water, but beer is drunk), the different rhythms … On vacation, it seems that the stars align accurately provided prevent you evacuate.

Three months of operation bikini (those with discipline) and then finish with a pregnant belly at the end of the second quarter it sounds like you have something to contribute to competition for the song of the summer. It can be fixed?

Small gestures, great outpourings

1. We will not deceive; we will not eat well in recent weeks. So we go for the little things: change the potatoes for peanuts and red canes by summer, takes on breakfast toast bread, drink juice instead of soda … it all adds up.

2. The “lock” that generates the fact evacuate foreign space is such a widespread problem that has already been created several apps to facilitate our process Air Pnp is what we’re all thinking: a tool for people around the world rent their bathrooms, full of benefits and advantages; from showers to toilets deluxe . Flush is particularly suitable for urban explorers: public toilets located in the most visited cities.

3. Did you know that the best posture to empty the bowel is squatting? The toilet is a great find of civilization, but if you raise your feet are more likely to hit your target.

4. If your problem is that you are ashamed to let smell, try to light a match later. Fire consumes associated gas, although obviously the smell of phosphorus is not discreet, is more neutral (and a lot cheaper than one of those air fresheners that promise you immerse yourself in a tropical greenhouse and often ineffective). If noise, a ball of toilet paper water drops before starting to dampen the sound. Eye, also works quite well stop being ashamed of something that everybody does, but it may take you more time.

5. Do not think. Like any bodily function, it tends to work better the less we think about it. A famous brand of yoghurts fiber has even released an app designed especially casual games to go to the bathroom. It will not be for lack of options to replace the traditional reading as the “throne”.

Free evacuation Question of gender?

The first thing that struck me when I started working in an office was just that: the ease with which my colleagues were returning from breakfast, they took his newspaper and went to the toilet.

Male, of course, because my fellow classmates came and went at full speed. Let no one think that I menses, much less that defecate, by goddess. Before erupted inside.

Maybe that’s why they are in ads grumpy girls who do not get enough fiber, the busy tourists who do not find time to go to the bathroom until use an enema, which are intended to “the time” when the rest of the family disappears for work or study and can sit in the cup without time constraints or sound.

So are women, biological only in secret, when we bleed, lactams or excrete. Meanwhile, they are featured in campaigns against unwelcome diarrhea that prevents them from women in nightclubs.

If the menstrual cup is helping us to reconcile our cycle, it may be time to also look more closely at our stools, recognize them as part of us and pay more attention to what they have to say about our health (at the end of the day colorectal cancer is the second most common in women after breast, and much worse prognosis than this) that on our unattainable womanhood.

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