The Latest Trends in Hair Care Push for Environmentally Friendly Products

Environmentally Friendly Products

Consumers have always looked for the best, most affordable ways to get healthy looking hair. The methods have varied over the years. Most recently, a greater interest in eco-friendly practices and ingredient labelling has created a push for products with safe, simple, and green materials. With a keen eye towards the back of the bottle, consumers are looking for 3 major features before they place any product in their basket.

Sulfate Free Products
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are petroleum based chemicals that are commonly found in shampoos because of their unique ability to foam, lather, and remove oil from the hair and scalp. It could be said that they’re too good at what they do, as both SLS and SLES are such strong detergents that they can be irritating to the skin, hair, and eyes. It’s also thought that sulfates can cause long-term damage to hair as it strips it of its essential oils. As more reports critical of these ingredients are published, consumers are looking for products that actively state their contents are sulfate free.

Natural & Botanical Ingredients
In place of potentially harmful chemicals, consumers are looking for ingredients that they can recognize. As a result, there’s a clear push for beauty brands that list the use of natural and botanical ingredients that are eco-friendly. As a renewed interest in the health and beauty benefits of using various botanical extracts, products inspired by nature are capturing the public’s attention. Plant-derived materials with minimal eco-footprints, like essential oils, natural minerals, and herbal extracts, are considered to be healthier for the scalp and hair. In order to include these kinds of ingredients in their products, many companies choose to work with the likes of a distributor in Canada like Cambrian Solutions dedicated to following global trends in personal care by sourcing innovative, safe, and natural ingredients from around the world. Their technical experts can also share new approaches to solving cleansing, conditioning, and other scalp care concerns.

Standardized Labels
A measure of safeguarding must be in place to guarantee the botanicals used in these products meet certain standards, which has resulted in the popularity of certified organic labels or NPA-compliant materials. Both features rely on technical and regulatory standards guiding the criteria of natural products. As a trusted advisor to companies committed to offering natural alternatives, Cambrian can provide a variety of raw materials that meet consumers’ desires for natural products while satisfying a company’s need for safe and effective ingredients.

Though natural compounds provide a greener, simpler alternative to traditional chemicals, they still help create the same quality hair care products. Concerns of colour protection, conditioning agents, hair loss, and anti-dandruff can be addressed while using natural ingredients in line with current hair care trends. It’s simply a matter of personal care companies partnering with a distribution company that can guarantee quality-controlled, natural, and label friendly ingredients.

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