There’s More to Caregivers than Providing Medical Assistance

You hire a live in caregiver because you want someone to look after your ageing parents. You can think of them as a medical assistant that can be there almost all the time. They will make you feel more confident. You know that when something happens, there is someone who can provide help right away. The truth is that these caregivers are not just there to provide medical assistance. They can do more.

Loving companion

To begin with, not all ageing patients need medical attention all the time. They just need someone to speak with them or be their companion. You can’t be there at their side all the time. This is where caregivers step in. They will provide the companionship your parents deserve. They can talk about a lot of things, share wonderful stories and laugh together. Ageing patients simply need someone to speak with as they have nothing else to do.

Assistant at home

Aside from taking care of your ageing patients, you might also ask for the help of these caregivers in doing simple tasks at home. You can ask them to go to the grocery store to buy stuff for you. They can also do simple cooking if you have no time to cook. However, you need to understand that they are not helpers at home. They can only do other stuff if they have enough time to do so.

Provide encouragement

Older people usually feel helpless and useless. They think that no one cares for them unlike in the past. They might not even walk or speak well anymore. This is where caregivers can come in to provide encouragement and support. They will be there to help the patient walk again or talk again. They allow the patients to do things they used to do. The success rate might be low, but at least they feel good that they have given it a try and someone was there to help them in their efforts to try.

In short, you have more reasons for hiring live in caregivers. They are people who become friends to the older patients you love. Eventually, they become a part of your family. They understand what you are going through and they will see to it that the patient is given enough love, care and attention. You know that you won’t be there all the time to extend help or to even listen to their stories. So it feels good that you have found someone to do it on your behalf.

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