Understanding Dementia Care Versus Regular Care at Home

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There are care providers who can help you with taking care of your beloved elderly relative. However, not all of them are the same. There are old people who are also suffering from dementia. As such, getting dementia care at home is a great choice. There is a difference between regular care providers and dementia care providers.


Those with experience in providing care for people with dementia can easily deal with your loved one who is sick. They know exactly what to do especially when they have erratic moods or behavioural changes all the time. They can provide activities to stimulate their brain and make them active. They also understand the medications provided for people with dementia or related diseases.


Generally speaking, care providers for the elderly are patient and loving. They understand the type of people they are dealing with. Some of them have experience working with a lot of old people before. Therefore, it is just natural for them to be patient and understanding. However, those who have worked with people with dementia are extra patient. They know that these people tend to misbehave. They also have tantrums. They forget everything. There might be some days when they behave well and not have any problem at all.


In terms of cost, expect dementia care to be more expensive. If you require someone who has experience in this type of service, you need to spend more money. However, in the end, it will be worth it. You know that you are getting quality service. This is also something that you can’t easily find. There are a lot of care providers who only provide general care and not specialised dementia care because they know how difficult it is. Due to the rarity of professionals providing dementia care, you have to expect a higher cost for their service. It will still be worth it in the end if you know that quality care and attention are given.

Your help is still needed

Although it is a good thing that you have an expert in dementia helping you at home, it does not mean you no longer have to do your share. The reason why it is called help is that you should also do your part and not let them do everything that needs to be done. Besides, this person won’t be able to provide services round the clock. At some point, you need to also provide the service yourself. It helps if you also train in providing care for people with dementia.

It is great that you can now find care providers for dementia whenever you need it. You just have to carefully choose the agency so that you will be sent the right person for the job.



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