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5 Maintenance Tips for your Roller Doors

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Roller doors are complex pieces of equipment and require regular maintenance, which will keep them running smoothly through all the seasons. If you need a reminder, your neighbours will probably mention it when the squeaking becomes too loud, but if you wish to avoid noisy roller doors, here are some useful tips to keep them flowing freely.

  1. Track Lubrication – The tracking system that the doors roll on should be regularly lubricated, and you should use a silicon based spray, rather than just oil, as this collects dirt and grime. All moving parts should be periodically oiled for ease of movement, and you should have a maintenance diagram or checklist that describes the lubrication method and location of all necessary parts to lubricate.
  1. Look and Listen – If you really want to know if your roller doors are in need of anything, open and close them, while looking and listening for anything unusual. The pitch of the motor should not change, and the door movement should be smooth and consistent. If the doors shudder at any point, this is a sign of lack of lubrication or a misaligned tracking system. If your garage doors have seen better days, and you happen to live in the Perth area, WA Roller Doors are the people to talk to, with a wide range of garage doors at attractive prices.
  1. A Small Soft Brush – This should be kept just inside the garage and used frequently to brush the sand and grit from the track rails. A vacuum cleaner would also work, and this will keep the tracks clean and free of dust. Dirt and grime can cause damage to the tracking and the motor, so try to keep the doors clean on both sides and pat particular attention to the moving parts of the system.
  1. Carry Out a Safety Check – Every few months, it is a good idea to test the system by opening and closing a few times. Check for cable wear, noise from the motor, and any visual signs of damage. All electrical outlets should be clean and secure, and you might want to replace the remote batteries and make sure it is functioning properly.
  1. Check the Tension – A common problem with motorise roller doors is incorrect tension, and with expansion and contraction due to temperature change, the tension can become a little too slack. If you are not confident tackling this, call out the company that installed the doors and they will tension them correctly. If you live in Perth, garage doors are very affordable, with online suppliers that have a range of top quality domestic and commercial shutters.

Professional Guidance

Roller doors require maintenance and if you are either too busy or unable to carry this out, it is best to contact a supplier who can arrange for a maintenance visit. Good quality roller doors will last for many years if looked after, and if a small problem is not addressed, it could lead to serious damage.

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