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5 Unique Gifts for a New Homeowner

 glass chandeliers

Like how excited mothers-to-be hold baby showers to celebrate their pregnancy, new homeowners celebrate buying and moving into a new house by holding housewarming parties. These joyous occasions mark an important milestone in an individual’s life, as well as the beginning of a fun but challenging journey.

To help homeowners feel welcome and help them settle into their new abode, you can give them a memorable housewarming gift. While popular choices for presents are practical items like kitchenware, cleaning equipment, and household appliances, you can also surprise the new homeowner with an unconventional but thoughtful gift.

Here are 5 unique gifts you can give to new homeowners:

1. Custom-made glass chandeliers

Help the new homeowner light up their abode by giving them stunning and elegant custom-made glass chandeliers. These decorative ceiling-mounted light fixtures are the perfect accessory for any home and can provide a touch of grandeur to living rooms, dining areas, and foyers. You can contact glass artists and have the chandeliers made in different colors and sizes to match the interiors of its target house or to fit the taste of the recipient.

2. Coat racks or hooks

Since they’ve just moved in, new homeowners are likely to lack certain kinds of furniture. And when talking about furniture, it’s not just the bigger items such as sofas or beds. Smaller items may be forgotten, such as a coat rack or coat hooks. These are practical presents that they are sure to appreciate. You can give them a standing coat rack or a set of hooks that they can attach to a wall. Once installed, they can now hang coats, jackets, umbrellas, and hats on the rack. There are a variety of coat rack styles available, so make sure to select one that the homeowners will love.

3. Gift cards

Moving to a different home is no cheap process. You need to pay for the house, moving vans, possible renovations, brand new furniture, and water and electricity installation. So the chances of a new homeowner being financially drained are quite high.

Reduce their worries about being low in cash by giving them gift cards. There are two main types of gift cards you can give: cash cards and store cards. Cash cards are basically money in card form, so giving this kind of card is the same as giving out money. While well-intentioned, this is a rather impersonal gift.

On the other hand, store cards are a more personal option. Store cards allow the holder to buy products from specific retailers, making it a flexible present that is appropriate for many occasions. To ease the financial burdens of the new house owner, you can also give them grocery and hardware store gift cards.

4. Personalized Family Name SignA personalized family name sign is a heartwarming and sweet present you can give homeowners. This present is a wonderful way of congratulating someone and their family for moving into a new home. You have the option of hand painting one or having an artist make one for you. Whatever your choice may be, the recipient is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness. If the family likes your gift, they can even put it on display in their home.

5. Indoor potted plants

Aside from being excellent decorations, potted plants also symbolize a good and thriving home life. Aim to give houseplants that are resilient and require little care, like palms and philodendrons. Air-purifying plants like peace lilies and Schefflera are also great choices.

If you prefer to give something a bit different, you can offer rows of potted herbs instead. Aside from being adorable little decorations, they’re also practical—you can harvest herbs from these plants and use them in creating tasty and savory meals.

The early days of living in and owning a new home can be exciting but tough. By giving these unique gifts to new homeowners, you can make them feel welcome as well as encourage them to stay positive despite trying times.

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