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Are You Planning to Install Your TV in a Living Area? Here’s How to Do it Properly

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No home would be complete nowadays without a television. No matter what you think about the influence of technology on our modern lives, it’s hard to imagine life without a TV nowadays. The TV doesn’t just help with the amount of information we get on a daily basis, it also decides how we spend time with family and – to a large extent – how we decorate our home.

The TV is part of our lives, and we need to ensure we incorporate it in the proper way. The way we watch TV has a lot to do with the way we install it in our home; we need to have the best mental and physical comfort whilst enjoying a show. Are you planning to install your TV in a living area? Here’s how to do it properly.

Practical measures

The position of your TV will ultimately be limited due to practical considerations – you can’t place it near a doorway or a window, for example. Check first where the electrical and cable outlets are; the closer you can place your TV to the outlets, the cleaner the house will look. Keep the position of the windows and other light sources in mind to avoid glare.

The location

Ideally, your TV is placed at eye level, right in front of your seating arrangement. This will avoid eye strain and neck pains in the long run. Also consider the distance from the audience to the TV; a good rule of thumb is to multiply the diagonal size of your TV by three – although this may not always be possible. If in doubt, you can make use of a TV display stand – something you can easily position and adjust for your viewing pleasure.

The focal point

Your TV may be the focal point of the room – it usually is. However, you may have another one, such as a mantel. Placing them next to each other is often a good idea. Note, however, that it’s not recommended to position your TV above the fireplace.

Blend it in

Integrating your TV in the décor (for example, by placing bookshelves to the left and right) can create a homey blend.

Above the hearth?

Avoid it, if you can. The heat of the hearth is not good for the TV, and the light of the fire can interfere with your viewing experience.

In case you want to watch TV in other areas of the house (such as the kitchen whilst you’re cooking or preparing some snacks), here are some other helpful hints. You can always flip it – meaning you can install it in such a way that the TV can actually be mounted under or above cupboards. Similarly, such installations can work wonders in offices or dens. TVs are great, but make sure you install them for maximum pleasure.



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