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Everything You Need to Know about Industrial-Style Furniture – and Why it Works

industrial style furnitureFor many of us, having a home that is a mixture of styles and themes is often an accidental occurrence – perhaps we find a decorative frame or lighting fixture in a bazaar or thrift shop, and then we see a piece of furniture or décor at a high-end furniture shop at the mall and we’re instantly hooked. We know instinctively that these two pieces work, and they do! But in case you’re wondering, such mixing and matching of the old and the new is not really a coincidence – there is actually a term for it, and it is called the industrial style.

What is industrial style furniture?

Industrial style furniture is, simply put, furniture that is a perfect combination of rustic and modern. It’s a blend of the old and the new – hence, there is a lot of use of unfinished or unvarnished wood, exposed or bare steel, and some chrome and copper elements thrown in. Raw wood is quite prevalent in industrial style furniture, as are lots of metal parts and pieces.

The popularity of industrial style furniture comes from the fact that it’s a glorious mix of vintage and modern. This combination makes every piece of furniture or décor look unique – there is nothing quite like it. And, more often than not, you see pieces that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Industrial style furniture also works because it’s of the right shade and hue. Many of us have a preference for subtle hues such as browns, creams, and the colours of real wood – and since these are so predominant in industrial style furniture, a lot more people are vying for this style.

There are some pieces of furniture which are more popular than most simply because they are not only practical and functional but are quite beautiful as well. With a few key pieces of industrial style furniture, such as the ones mentioned below, you can definitely transform your home and make it a chic, stylish abode.

Dining and coffee tables

The dining and coffee table you choose makes a big impact. Industrial style dining tables are often comprised of wood, with some having metal legs which add to their appeal. Coffee tables are also often made entirely of wood with distressed finishes, which make them an ideal focal point for any living area.

Chairs and arm chairs

If you want an industrial style look for your dining room, you can opt for a wooden dining table combined with chairs in different styles and designs. Don’t go for the dining set with chairs all in one design – go for a mix and match which lends a lovely and unique ambience to your dining area. Metal stools are also quite popular, as are deconstructed arm chairs covered in unique fabrics such as leather – and even grain sacks! You’d be surprised at how beautiful they look.


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