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Features on a Quality Dish Cart for a Kitchen


In a restaurant, a dish cart is used to transport dishes from the kitchen to the dining room and back. Some restaurants have large rooms for banquets and receptions where the tables need to be set and ready for guests to arrive. A quality dish cart can transport stacks of plates including entrée plates, salad plates, roll plates as well as glasses. Checkout four features to search for in a quality dish cart for a kitchen.

Three Shelves

Three shelves on a dish cart provide you with lots of space for the dishes and other items used for setting up a dining room. Putting the heavier items on the bottom shelf and the lighter ones on the top can help the cart to remain balanced and travel in smooth way throughout the kitchen and banquet room.

Sturdy Wheels

A dish cart should be designed to handle the heavy weight of dishes and other items. One thing that contributes to a solid, reliable cart is its 5 inch caster wheels . These give your cart the support it needs while making it easy to navigate around corners and between tables as you prepare a room for guests.

Convenient to Clean

You want a dish cart that’s easy to clean. Its legs, trays, wheels and undercarriage should all be cleaned on a regular basis so none of the dirt reaches the dishes that ride on the cart. The wheels of a dish cart can pick up debris so focusing on them during a cleaning is always a good idea.

A Non-Slip Handle

A non-slip handle on your dish cart is essential. Some employees who use the cart may have wet hands from working in the dish room or handling a moist cleaning rag. Being able to hang onto the handle of the cart is necessary for safe operation.

Finally, a reliable dish cart is a valuable asset in a restaurant that wants to offer superb service to its customers. All of these features and others contribute to the quality of your dish carts.

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