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Garden-Proofing Your Home: Tips on Indoor Gardening


It’s a big step to move into the city, especially if you have a green thumb. It’s challenging to keep potted plants outside, but it’s even harder to keep a large garden if your living conditions can’t support it. But what avid gardeners fail to realize is that moving into a new home in the urban district doesn’t mean that you have to let go of your green hobbies.

Indoor gardens can still blossom even in a small apartment. If you have the habit of taking care of plants, then your living conditions are just a stepping stone to keep your hobby. Here are some indoor gardening tips that you can take note of before you start your green project in your home.

Know your home first and foremost

Not all apartments close to the city have the best living conditions for indoor gardens. Some don’t require as many additions and advancements as others because of their location and how populated the areas are. Beginners who want to start an indoor garden could feel disheartened at starting their projects because their plants die too quickly since they can’t adapt to the living conditions

It’s best to keep a few plants first before you start with a large indoor garden. Succulents like cacti are some of the more common plants that are great for indoor gardens. Not only can they be practically raised anywhere, but they also need little to no maintenance. See if your cacti can survive in limited conditions and test if you’ll be able to put your house to the test by adding in a few orchids and vines to add some color in the room.

Prepare where you’ll be planting

If you’re living close to the road, you might opt to put your plants in a room not directly facing the flow of pollution. Finding the right spot with the proper sunlight can help you keep your plants healthy even while in the city.

An open windowsill is just one of the places where you can start growing your indoor garden. More creative choices when it comes to keeping plants at home include a trellis in your bathroom or cooking area to hang vines on or keeping hanging pots around the kitchen. Not only are they efficient pieces when it comes to small apartments, but they also add personality to your living space.

Keep furniture fit for your plants

A great way to make your plants at home is to integrate them with your home’s aesthetic. Going for a rustic traditional look can keep your plants in line with your home’s design. The same can be applied to contemporary pieces which can add a high contrast when it comes to sleek modern furniture paired up with the presence of organic and natural shapes that plants offer. If you’re looking for a furniture service close to home, seeking an Arizona based furniture company could solve your shipping expenses, especially if you’re near the area.


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