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How Best to Choose Your Restaurant Chairs

Restaurant Chairs

Whether you’re searching for chairs for your new restaurant or you are looking to upgrade your current restaurant seating, the restaurant chairs you choose can make or break your restaurant. While your main goal is, of course, to provide your diners with great food, you still can’t discount the fact that they will be more comfortable eating your food if they are seated in the right dining chairs. The good news is that there are many different types of restaurant chairs from which you can choose, and you can even have them custom-made according to your preference.

But what are the factors that make up a good restaurant chair, and how do you choose the best restaurant chairs for your needs? Here’s how best to choose your restaurant chairs.

Think of your restaurant’s theme

When it comes to choosing restaurant chairs, think of your restaurant’s theme first. It wouldn’t make sense to provide your diners with fancy or sophisticated chairs if you are a simple, casual dining restaurant catering to families and large groups, for example.

  • For casual dining

If you offer casual dining, you can opt for ladder-back chairs and chairs with simple designs with plain fabric or vinyl upholstery. If you have a bistro-style restaurant or a coffee shop, your chairs can be made from wood or metal, as long as they are sturdy and durable as well as lightweight. You can opt for chairs which have a traditional style and look, with easy-to-clean upholstery and solid colors such as black, brown, or whatever other color fits your restaurant’s theme. 

  • For fine dining

If you are a fine dining establishment, then your restaurant chairs should reflect this theme; you can choose chairs which are richly-upholstered and more elegant. Fine dining restaurants often feature chairs which are more plush and comfortable, especially since most fine dining customers tend to stay for an hour or more in the restaurant. When choosing the chairs for a fine dining establishment, it’s always a good idea to go for the classic look, with wooden chairs in a rich finish, but this will also depend on your restaurant’s overall interior decoration. Just make sure the chairs you choose mirror your theme and are not only exceedingly comfortable, but sturdy as well.

  • For outdoor dining

If your restaurant has outdoor dining space, the chairs are a big factor to consider as well. The chairs you have for your indoor dining area and your outdoor dining area can be the same or they can be different, although it’s wiser to choose more versatile chairs for outdoor seating. A good material for outdoor chairs is aluminum, since it doesn’t rust, although if you want something more elegant, you can also go for wrought iron chairs.

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