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How to Choose the Right Type of Oven for Your Pizzeria Business

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Pizza is a highly popular choice among consumers because it cooks fast, it’s delicious and it has everything you need. That’s why pizzeria businesses are gaining traction all over the country. While your recipe is the number one factor that will determine the success of your pizzeria, you should also consider the type of oven you use. After all, the oven can affect the final taste of the pizza.

Types of ovens you can choose from

There are three basic types of oven, namely, wood fired, gas-range, and electric. Among the three, the commercial wood fire oven is the most unlikely choice because it’s large plus it can be quite costly to buy one. However, it offers the best-tasting pizza because of the unique flavour coming from the smoke of the hardwood.

In terms of practicality, the gas-range type is a perfect choice. It creates a crisp and evenly-cooked pizza, and it can be used for high volume production. The only downside to this option is that it mostly comes in large setups.

If you value mobility, you should go for the electric oven. Most of the models they sell today come in compact designs. They work best for food trucks, stalls, and concession carts.

How to determine the best option for you

Focus on understanding the needs of your business. For example, how much pizza do you think you need to make each day? If you need to make more than a hundred pizzas, your best option is the gas-range oven, specifically, the conveyor type. Some conveyor oven models come with 3 to 4 decks which will allow you to accommodate more pizza. If you only need to make a few pizzas a day, you can opt for the commercial pizza convection ovens. This type of oven can fit at most 5 pieces of 16-inch pizza.

Aside from the production level, you must look into the available working space in your shop. Smaller and mobile shop owners tend to buy electric ovens because they can fit anywhere. If you have a larger shop, you can consider buying a conveyor oven. This type of gas-range oven has a very bulky design. If your business solely serves pizza, and you have a high influx of customers every day, then you should definitely buy the gas-range conveyor type.

If you want to make artisan pizzas, it’s better to use a commercial wood fired oven. While this type of oven can make fewer pizzas at a time, it produces better and tastier pies. Pizzas baked in a wood burning oven have crispier crusts and bolder flavours due to the high heat and the flavourful smoke from the hardwood.

Don’t rush into buying an oven. Make sure you completely understand the specifications, features and heating method of the oven you wish to buy. The oven must satisfy the demands of your business, most especially if you solely serve pizza. It can be quite expensive to buy one, so make sure you invest your money in the right model.

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