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How to Give Your Bathroom the Spa Treatment

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Sometimes a regular bathroom just isn’t enough, and a normal shower, shave and get dressed routine just doesn’t work. You need the spa treatment, and what better way to get it than right within your home? No more expensive spa days. You can create the spa experience in your own bathroom, using strategies that range from the inexpensive to the more time-consuming. Here’s how:

Start Small

If you don’t have the money or the time for a full bathroom remodel, you can still make the space more like a spa with some small changes. Adding new white towels makes a big difference, particularly when they are stored in a spa-like shelving unit or in smart wicker baskets. Scented candles are a good choice. And a general declutter of the bathroom helps to create a more calming space – make sure that all bottles, jars, and other bathroom essentials are stored out of sight in attractive boxes or baskets.

Create Separate Spaces

If you have a larger bathroom or the opportunity to enlarge your bathroom space, it is a good idea to create areas that are personalised and separate like double sinks, his and hers showers, and twin vanities. You get the impression that you are in your own personalised spa space, rather than having to share a communal space with others.

Adjust Your Shower

One of the best ways of making your bathroom more like a spa is to install a better shower with more luxurious features. Steam Showers, for example, are ideal as they provide you with the opportunity to relax in the bathroom that you don’t normally get with a regular shower. The addition of steam jets to the shower is a feature that provides something a little extra special. You can find steam showers in a range of different sizes and styles. Relaxing is easier when you have steam to help you unwind. Or, you could choose something like a rain shower for a spa-feel in the bathroom. Rain shower heads provide a drenching of water and are a marked improvement on a leaky, weak flow of water in the shower enclosure.

Renew Your Tub

As well as a revamped shower, the bathtub provides the opportunity to create a spa experience in the bathroom. Again, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a new bathtub in order to make a difference. Simply swapping a narrow and cramped tub for a deeper one, or adding a tub with water jets for the massaging effect of hydrotherapy, will make your bathroom much more spa-like. A tub that allows you to lie back and relax makes it easier to enjoy the end of the day or unwind after a stressful time at work.


Image courtesy of JTSpas.co.uk

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