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How to Select the Best Granite Worktop Colour for Your Kitchen

There have been many trends when it comes to worktops over the years, but one of the most enduring trends is the use of granite. Granite brings many benefits for home- and property owners, and one of these benefits is durability. For sure, your granite worktop can last you for years. And, aside from this, granite is one of the most beautiful worktops you can have.


So if you have decided to have a granite worktop, you need to have a better idea of the right kind of colour for your needs – as there are indeed plenty of colours to choose from.


White is a wonderful colour to work with. But most individuals tend to shy away from this colour simply because they think white is plain, boring, and unassuming. But what you should know, however, is that when you choose a granite worktop in white, it’s not just plain white – white granite worktops will often have veins or flecks of a different colour, which can add a bit more personality to your bathroom or kitchen. There are also various white granite shades to choose from, so you can easily pick a white shade that corresponds closely with the colour of your cupboards, shelves, and flooring. One more thing: white worktops in granite can also make a small kitchen or bathroom appear bigger.


On the different side of the spectrum, you also have a choice of black granite. Black granite has a dramatic theme that can instantly transform your bathroom or kitchen. When you look closely at a slab of black granite, it is actually not just one solid, singular colour – it is often comprised of small flecks or specks in silver, which can add to the worktop’s sheen and shine. One tip: if choosing a black granite worktop, don’t pair it with dark cupboards – this kind of worktop goes best with white or light-coloured cupboards and shelves for a more striking look.


Beige granite worktops are quite popular nowadays, especially since they can be easy to pair with different colours for your cupboards or flooring. Beige granite worktops have more character than white granite worktops, and they are always a good choice. You also have more flexibility with a beige worktop since they complement both dark- and light-coloured cupboards, floors, or shelves. If you have a more traditional kitchen or bathroom theme or are aiming for a more ‘country’ look, then a beige granite worktop is for you.


Brown has always been the colour of choice for cupboards and cabinets, and it is a great colour for worktops as well. The darker shade of brown contrasts well with light cupboards and shelves, and can give your bathroom or kitchen a cosier, more rustic appeal.

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