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How to tell if your sprinklers are working properly


Sprinklers are an excellent way to water your garden, and ensure that you use the right amount of water at the right time. However, as with all systems, sprinklers can go wrong, and may not work as well as usual. This can be avoided by ensuring regular maintenance is carried out, but how do you know when things have gone wrong? Here are some signs that your sprinklers might not be working as they should.

Broken sprinkler heads

Sprinkler heads are usually made of strong plastic. They are sturdy, but unfortunately can get broken at times. This is one of those simple reticulation repairs that can often be fixed yourself. It’s just a case of buying a replacement head of the same model, digging a hole around the head, and screwing on the new head.

Blocked heads

If your sprinklers aren’t watering properly, then it can be because the heads are blocked. There are lots of things outdoors that can block sprinklers, from dirt and gravel to leaves. Again, the fix is fairly simple, and involves removing and replacing the heads. If you find your irrigation system isn’t watering as well after a clean, then you might need to get the heads readjusted, ensuring that they water efficiently.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure means that your sprinklers might not be as powerful, and therefore might not water the entirety of your garden. Low water pressure can sometimes mean the valves need readjusting. However, it can also be the sign of a leak. TLC Services Perth provide irrigation in Perth, and often carry out repairs to existing systems. They’ll be able to help you find the source of the leak, and easily repair the pipe. Pipes can also be crushed by tree roots or other causes, so it’s worth getting them checked by the experts.

Electrical issues

Sprinkler systems can be complex, and the electrical system can sometimes break down due to broken fuses, old wires, or broken components. These are usually fairly easy to fix, but it’s best left to those who have electrical qualifications to avoid injury.

Inefficient watering

If your sprinklers aren’t reaching all areas of your garden, then the heads may just need adjusting. Older systems can be less efficient than modern ones, and so if the adjustments aren’t working, then you may want to look at installing a newer, better system. Newer systems can also be more efficient at watering, so less water is wasted.

When sprinkler systems stop working, there’s no need to panic, as it could be one of many simple things. A quick check will often confirm if there’s damage, and sometimes it can be something as easy as a blown fuse, or readjustments needed. Ideally, you should consider calling out maintenance people who are experienced working with sprinklers, as they’ll be able to tell what the problem is quickly. Repairs are usually simple, and so you can go back to enjoying your garden in no time at all, safe in the knowledge it’ll be watered on time.

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