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Replacement Windows In Kitchener Can Save You Money

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A common question among Kitchener homeowners is how they can add value to their home through renovations, and which options have a better ROI than others. Generally speaking, some of the most popular options include enhancing your curb appeal, redoing your kitchen, and improving your flooring, but what if you’re not interested in selling any time soon? Replacement windows are a great renovation when it comes to your return on investment, but they also save you money while you’re still living there. When you replace your windows, you can not only upgrade materials like the frame or the grille to something more to your liking, but you can also invest in energy efficient technology. Low emissivity glass with enhancements like argon gas fills can save you as much as 15% on your monthly hydro bills.

Even if you are looking to sell your home, what normally sells the house is the feeling you get immediately when you walk inside it – when it’s light, spacious, and airy, people are much more likely to connect and fall in love with it. Windows are the soul of every house and nothing can improve the atmosphere of your home interior than light spilling in from a well-placed window. To help you find out how to go about upgrading old or deteriorated windows, here are a few of the top reasons to replace them and start saving money immediately.

#1 Save Money

You might be surprised when you discover how much cash replacing your existing windows could save you annually; whether you’re replacing single pane or double pane windows, Low-E coatings deliver significant cost savings, although you will see them rise considerably more if you’re replacing single panes. All these savings do not include the potential annual savings that may be earned by allowingnatural light to illuminate your rooms through colder months when you might have been tempted to close the curtains and turn on the lights. In order to realize higher cost savings, make sure you get your windows in Kitchener from an ISO-certified supplier such as Golden Windows, a company that will also install them for you for maximum efficiency.

#2 Raise the Home Resale Value

In addition to saving you money all year round, when you buy replacement windows in Kitchener you also add to the resale value of your home. When you take into account both the instant equity and the savings you realize, replacement windows start to seem like a great investment. While it will start to become more expensive, you can also add or widen windows or introduce glass sliding doors to your backyard and patio when you use more energy efficient glass. Let more light into your home with the help of a local manufacturer of EnergyStar-approved windows like Golden Windows, which makes all their products right in Kitchener.

#3 A Better Home

Letting in more sunlight while cutting down on heating and cooling costs will simply improve your quality of life; more light in the winter is great for your mental health and it can generally help you focus better. You’ll be able to work from home or spend a cold winter’s day inside without feeling “cooped up” when you can let the outdoors in; upgrade today and start making the most of your home in all seasons.

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