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Support Your Trees Through Another Hot, Dry Summer

It’s that time of year again. Judging by the soaring temperatures, pool parties, backyard barbeques, and fire bans for the neighbourhood, summertime has finally arrived. If you’re a home or landowner, you already know the importance of maintaining the health of your property, especially during the dry summer months. The oaks, pines, and maples littering your yard are susceptible to the season, and dry soil, intense sun, and summer storms can threaten your landscaping. It can be a lot to handle on your own, but local arborists in Edmonton can help you protect your oak or birch over the next few months.

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Trees will struggle to strive under the rising temperatures and increasing UV rays. Just like you and your family, long exposure under these conditions can pose health risks for these specimens, especially for newly planted saplings that haven’t developed an advanced root system. While you and your family can slap on broad spectrum UV protection and keep hydrated to stay safe, the answer to your trees’ summertime issues isn’t so apparent.

The professionals at an ISA-certified arborist company like the team that make up Chipps Tree Care in Edmonton can provide the guidance that you need. When conditions threaten to dry out roots and causesun damage, arborists will suggest you combine regular watering with a comprehensive fertilization plan. At Chipps, they offer deep-root fertilization that makes sure enough nutrients penetrate the soil to the large network of roots underneath your oak or pine. Follow this program up with weekly watering, to make sure the soil stays hydrated. When the city of Edmonton warns about particularly high UV ratings, remember bark can be just as vulnerable to the sun as your own skin. It’s a good idea to install a shade cloth to protect it from the harmful rays.

When it isn’t hot and dry in Edmonton, then the area is experiencing intense weather formations. Torrential downpours and high winds can threaten your property by loosening root beds and damaging branches. Particularly strong gales can cause entire boughs to fall and sometimes, the entire oak will follow suit. Before the next big storm hits your area, it’s a good idea to check in with the top arborist who can provide tips on tree care Edmonton homeowners, like you, can trust. They can inspect your birches, ash, or elms and ensure they’re healthy enough to withstand a large storm. Any branch or tree that doesn’t meet their high standards will be pruned or removed entirely.

Tree removal and pruning should only ever be done by a qualified arborist. Attempting to do this on your own doesn’t just risk the health of your trees – it can put your life in direct jeopardy. Meanwhile, professionals have the skills, experience, and equipment to complete the task in a safe and efficient manner. So as the summer truly begins in the city, remember to contact only the top tree care Edmonton has to offer and your landscape will enjoy the season just as much as you will.

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