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The Best Solution to Fix Broken Shower Trays

Shower Trays

Installing a new shower tray is challenging, but it can be done by simply following some basic installation tips. In fact, there are online videos that you can watch. The process is very easy once you get the hang of it. If you have experience in installing other items at home, this won’t be difficult for you. Once the shower tray is installed, you can expect it to last for a long time. This is true especially if you have bought a high quality item.

Over time though, problems might occur. This includes cracks. If left untreated, the cracks will continue to grow bigger until they can no longer be fixed. This is why you need to immediately act at the earliest signs of a problem.

Most small cracks in stone resin shower trays can be easily fixed. If you found the installation easy, fixing a crack will be a lot easier. You just need adhesive to fix the crack. However, if you can’t fix it yourself, you can seek help from experts. There are people who know exactly what to do with broken bathroom accessories. You can get their help and the problem will be over. They will charge you for their service, but it is fine. After all, you can make the shower tray look as good as new. You also avoid the need to buy a new one, which might cost a lot.

The need for replacement

There will come a time though when your shower tray has to be replaced. Whether you like it or not, it has to go. When it looks really old or the cracks are too big, it will be risky to use it. If you have kids running around while taking a shower, this could lead to injuries. You don’t want that to happen. By replacing the shower tray, you can select a better model from another brand. You can then use the new shower tray for a long time.

The cost of shower tray repair

The price will depend on who you get to repair it. If you deal with the problem without any help, then you just have to pay for the materials used for the repair. It is fine since you can use these items for some other repairs also. When hiring a professional, it will cost you a few pounds. The rate will depend on the severity of the problem. It might range from 10-20 pounds. It might seem a lot, but it is still cheaper than a new tray which costs around 100 pounds. As long as you partner with a good repair person, this won’t be a big problem.


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