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Walk in vs Reach in Closets

One of the most practical parts of any home is the closet: it’s where you store footwear, shirts, dresses, jackets, suits and coats. In plenty of Toronto homes, the space just isn’t there to accommodate a contemporary wardrobe – or even if you have the square footage, the area isn’t optimized for your use. You have a couple of options when you’re considering upgrading your storage, and one great way to explore both is to consult a local custom cabinetry company. Essentially, you have two options: walk in and reach in, each with its own pros, cons, and possibilities worth exploring.


Walk in – These are perfect for newer and bigger houses, especially if you have a large master bedroom and plenty of space to spare. You can turn these into private dressing rooms, all-purpose storage, and even connect them to the master bedroom bathroom. This type is usually very spacious and provides the unique luxury of three-sided, immersive storage, in addition to the possibility of adding mirrors and seating.

Reach in – While these may seem like standard solutions, a custom-built reach in closet can actually be a dream come true for those with more constraints such as a condo or downtown home. Cabinetry makers like Toronto’s Space Age Closets go the distance when it comes to finding storage and organization solutions that will turn your reach in closet into a treat.

Either of these solutions can help you keep your home free of clutter, as well as save you time (putting away laundry, getting ready in the morning) and space. The route you go depends largely on the layout and available square footage of your home, though custom cabinetry professionals like Space Age Closets frequently do in-house consultations to advise their clients of their best available options.

Custom cabinetry companies can build either of these options in just about any given room, according to your design needs: whether you want a unique style of doors, unique compartments, or an unusual size. One of the customizations you may want to consider are sliding doors; they are amazing space savers that a person can implement into their home design. They’re perfect for using in tight spots since you don’t have to have clearance to swing the doors out when opening them and you won’t need to worry about the clearance of the doors when you’re arranging the furniture in your bedroom and reducing the amount of “dead zones” created by swinging doors. Find out more about custom options like sliding doors at Spaceageclosets.com to make the most out of your bedroom.

If clutter isn’t your only worry, space saving solutions don’t end with walk in closets, and you can make more of your floor area with options like Murphy beds, kitchen pantry redesigns, slat walls in the garage, built in wall units for home entertainment or bookshelves, and even personal touches like window seats and home office shelves. There are plenty of ways to reorganize and get more out of your home; get a consultation today to find out.

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