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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Walk In Shower?

Walk In Shower

If you’re refurbishing and renovating your bathroom, or you’re moving into a completely new space, one thing you may want to change is the shower. With the range of showers and shower enclosures currently available on the market, it would be a shame to stick with something you are not entirely happy with. One of the most popular options for a modern bathroom is the walk in shower. Is it right for you? Check out the pros and cons of the walk in shower so you can see if it fits your family’s needs.

Advantages of the Walk In Shower

A walk in shower cubicle is streamlined and stylish. This means that it not only looks good in the modern bathroom, but is also practical as there are fewer moving parts and fewer places where dirt and grime get trapped, so it is easier to clean. A walk in shower adds a touch of style to the bathroom as it benefits from a modern design, with minimal clutter. If you want to create a streamlined and minimalist bathroom, the walk in shower is an excellent option. And if you want to make a statement, there are Walk in Showers designed to stand out from the crowd. Many walk in showers are frameless, so the design does not detract from the overall décor of the bathroom.

Disadvantages of the Walk In Shower

Walk in showers sometimes cause problems because the water can easily spill out onto the floor surrounding the shower since there is no cubicle to hold it in. With the correct draining and angles, this problem is minimised and it can also be a good idea to create a wet room or a wet area, where it does not matter if water travels on the floor. You do also need to take into account that the humidity is not trapped within an enclosed shower, and will therefore be present in all the bathroom – whether or not this is a problem depends on the ventilation you have in the bathroom and the heat of the water.

Should I Get a Walk In Shower?

Walk in showers can solve many problems in the bathroom, and are especially useful when there is little space to spare for a shower. The design can also be extremely attractive, which makes it a popular option for the modern bathroom. The cost of a walk in shower varies depending on the size and the model. Shopping around for the best deal ensures that you don’t need to spend a fortune on your shower.



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