5 Telltale Signs Your Spouse is Cheating on You


Marriage is one of the most highly celebrated unions in virtually any culture. It begins with a wedding that all your friends and loved ones attend and continues in a life spent together. Unfortunately, not all marriages end in happily ever after. Your spouse may become a different person over time and infidelity can become a major issue. Cheating happens due to a lot of different reasons, but its signs are almost always the same.

If you have a growing suspicion that your spouse is having an illicit affair, here are the things that you should keep an eye out for. Keep in mind that these signs aren’t always conclusive, but a combination of these behavioral patterns is usually indicative or extramarital activities.

Higher or Lower Levels of Intimacy

Cheating spouses either overcompensate in intimacy or completely cut you off. If you have a hunch that he or she is cheating on you, try to recall how often and in what intensity you usually share affection. Then compare it to whatever level you’re currently experiencing.

How They Avoid the Truth

You could confront them directly and ask if they are cheating or not. Their response may give away the answer. If they hesitate, add stalling words such as “um”, or include more adjectives than usual, they’re probably being defensive. Your spouse may also avoid answering you and respond with another question.

Body language can also give your spouse away. Observe if they avoid making eye contact when they answer or tend to fidget as they speak. They might laugh or respond with a joke. Or they could keep avoiding giving an answer and do odd acts such as rubbing their legs or twirl their hair.

New Cellphone Habits

Observe how they take certain calls on their cellphone. If they’re getting calls in your presence but decide not to answer them, their mistress is probably at the end of the other line. Is he or she less open about using their phone around you? Did he or she suddenly decide to get another phone? Is he or she less willing to let you use their cellphone? These signs show that your spouse is hiding communication trails that they don’t want you to see.

Changes in Routines and Habits

Every person has habits and schedules they stick to. A big change in their daily activities or usual behavior is another sign of infidelity. If your spouse has more trips out than usual and avoids giving details, he or she is probably cheating on you. If your spouse starts sneaking out at night, it could be a sign of illicit activities.

Alternatively, he or she may suddenly encourage you to take a solo vacation or spend more time with your friends. If your spouse suggests this, say that it’d be better if he came along.If he or she turns down the invitation, it might indicate that your spouse prefers to see someone else while you’re away.

Other signs require closer observation. See if your spouse heads straight to the shower when they get home. He or she could also smell differently than usual, so take a sniff when you do laundry. People are creatures of habit so a new scent will give him away.

If you observe the spouse doing more than one of these acts, it’s best to confirm your suspicions with evidence. You can try to catch him or her red-handed, but this could be both tricky and risky. In most cases, leaving things to trained professionals such as private investigators can help you get the answers you seek. The truth may not always be pleasant, but it’s usually the first step towards the best life decisions.

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