Making A Call A Family Affair


Ever receive a phone call or video from someone that you are dying to share with your family and friends?  And ever feel a bit frustrated by having everyone crowd around your smart phone squinting at the screen and shushing one another so they can hear the sound?  Well, why not give them the custom view – sitting back while looking at a 40-inch or larger TV screen in your living room or den?  Now it is not only feasible but also affordable, just by having a Google Chromecast Media Streamer connected to your HDTV via Chromecast.  Instead of squinting at your smartphone or tablet screen you can show the group the item on a full-size screen.  And while they are watching your phone or tablet can be free to serve their original functions.

Sound’s good?  Well, Groupon currently is offering this accessory for the price of $35.  It is barely half a pound and is WiFi-enabled.  You plug it into you HDTV’s HDMI port.  The streamer allows you to use your device – smartphone or tablet – as your remote.  The Media Streamer is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac Chromebook and Windows devices.  It is also compatible with media-streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and HBO GO.  A media-streaming device is your first step towards freeing yourself from the confines of cable restrictions and limitations.  This low-priced small device can represent a life free of reliance upon TV providers whose service quality and reliability are frequently inversely proportional to their monthly fees.

So if you are ready to seriously consider setting yourself free from cable dependency, then you should seriously consider trying the Groupon for a Google Chromecast Media Streamer – a device smaller than many TV remotes but one that offers a brave new world of entertainment free from the limitations and restrictions of traditional cable and satellite services.

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