Why Chartering a Private Jet is More Accessible Than You Might Think

Private Jet

When you think of a private jet, you probably picture celebrities and millionaires, flying across the world in sheer luxury, eating the best food and drinking the finest champagne. It’s true, the world’s most lavish and opulent private jets are definitely the play toys of the wealthy, but that may no longer be the case.

If you hate being squashed in an uncomfortable seat on a commercial flight, despise the airplane food and find yourself wishing that there was a better way to travel, then you could be in luck. Flying by private jet with the likes of Fly Victor is becoming a more popular and affordable option, and in fact, may be more accessible than you might think.

Empty Leg Flights

When a private jet has only been booked for a one-way journey, it means that the plane will likely have to return without any passengers. This is a huge loss for the company, as fuel and wages must still be paid, but no profit can be made from an empty flight. However, this means there’s also a great deal waiting to be snapped up. If you can afford to be flexible with your date and time, then you could secure a private flight for a fraction of the cost.

Book Last Minute

Everybody knows that when it comes to getting the best price for holiday, booking last minute can mean you get a luxury break at a huge discount. The same is also true of private jets. Again, as long as you have flexibility, try looking a couple of days before flying. If you’re travelling in a group, you may even find that the price per person is lower than booking a last minute seat on a charter flight.

More Landing Options

Unless you live in a large city, you may have to travel to get to the closest international airport. However, if you travel via private jet, you may find that you can use an airport much closer to home. This is because smaller aircraft can take off from smaller airports, meaning there are more choices of departure and arrival destinations. As such, chartering a private jet can result in a faster travel time.

If you know that right tips and tricks, flying by private jet can be more affordable than you have probably ever realised. Try booking last minute and finding empty leg flights and take your next trip in style.

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