6 Tools to automate your social media marketing Strategy


In pursuit of business success and higher returns on investments, you will find social media sites to be very beneficial. Having an excellent team to push sales, monitor the market users and changes, and give you analyses of your progress is crucial. With high quality content on your Instagram, twitter and Facebook pages and YouTube Channel, you are assured of the best.

Despite all these, you will get to a point where you will need other tools to give you better insights on your market standings; a comparison of the different platforms to make adjustments where necessary (a compliment to your workforce).It is for these reasons that there are tools which have been designed to take over some of these tasks automatically; giving your team time to undertake other duties.

  • Hootsuite

This is a leading social media manager dashboard that undertakes social media analytics and runs your social media platforms for marketing. It engages audiences, measures your ROI on the dashboard and also schedules messages. It is capable of executing your social media campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Advance message scheduling, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights integration and enhanced analytics can be done with the free, pro or enterprise Hootsuite solutions. It shows other peoples’ content.

All your leads, sales, likes, followers, and ROI from Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In, Twitter and YouTube are analyzed by Hootsuite.

  • Instamacro

Raising awareness of your business through Instagram can generate great leads. With great photos and videos, you are assured that someone will get to know about your brand and spread word. As the Instagram likes increase, your social media manager will have to be there to check all the comments, give feedback, like other peoples’ content, follow and unfollow others. This is resource consuming. Instamacro is your rescuer. It is a tool developed specifically for Instagram and it automatically likes, follows or unfollows people or other brands.

Its benefits are incredible and you are assured of a good return on your investment. It’s your ultimate Instagram manager. All you need is an account, same as your Instagram account, sign up (after reading terms of service), try it out (you will have three house free trial), customize your settings and extend your license if satisfied.

You can always run multiple accounts on instamacro. Decide what you want it to do; follow, unfollow or like. But you cannot follow and unfollow simultaneously. Once this is done, set the timing or speed to normal, select tags and get it to work. Your social media manager will have to comment and maybe run updates and obtain results, or you can sleep as it works for you.

  • Buffer

This is a social media management tool that schedules your business’s content across all functional social media platforms. It saves you time spent on micro-managing weekly content. It also provides analytics on the reach and engagement of your brand.

  • SproutSocial

This is a platform that acts as your assistant. It however never misses any messages received because it instantly streams the messages to your inbox. It collaboratively schedules messages for your Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In sites. Rich analytics tools for you to visualize important facets are present.

  • ArgyleSocial

This is a great tool to implement your B2B marketing strategies. It engages new and increased prospects, quantifies and qualifies these expected leads and builds better relationships with them.

  • CrowdBooster

This tool gives at-a-glance analytics of activities in the different social media platform used by your business. It also offers audience insights and content scheduling for your marketing content.

Whichever social media management tool you choose to use, you are sure to make more money. Through the analytics, you can view the different metrics, pick the best and the worst. With this knowledge, you will have the right information on what to invest more in, which ones are having high yields and whether newer platforms should be incorporated.


Author Bio

Salim Noor is a Social Media manager at Google. He is also one of the Instamacro developers for Instagram and strongly recommends it for use by fashion houses. Visit his Blog ‘Social-media-juice’ to learn more about social media marketing and management.

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