Banner and Pop Up Stands: Your Questions Answered


If you are planning an update to your marketing materials it is a good idea to consider banner stands and roller banner displays. If you exhibit at trade shows or exhibitions, or you want to set up more of a presence inside your store or office building, these kinds of banners are versatile and useful. Find out what you need to know about Roll up Banners, Pull up banners, and Pop up Banners here.

Q: What is the Difference Between a Pop Up Banner and a Pull Up Banner?

A pop up banner is a larger display item, while a pull up banner is a banner display that you simply pull up out of its holding and click into place. A pop up display will require a little more effort tin assembly, although neither is difficult to construct. Pull up banners are simple and relatively inexpensive; they are ideal for trade shows, for exhibitions, and for display inside a shop or place of business. They can be easily switched around, assembled and dismantled. A pop up display banner is a little more permanent and is likely to be a little more expensive. It depends on what you want your banner to do as to which you will choose.

Can You Use Banner Stands Outdoors?

It is possible to use banner stands outside but you do need to be in a sheltered area and it is not guaranteed that they will stand the weather conditions. It is best to use pull up banners and pop up displays indoors, where they will be more easily seen and also will provide many more uses than if you use them outdoors. If you want to make an outdoor display then it may be that a more sturdy vinyl display banner will be more appropriate.

How Long Does a Banner Stand or Pop Up Stand Take to Assemble?

According to the experts at, pop up banners and banner stands are surprisingly easy and quick to assemble. Many people assume they will be too difficult to handle, but that isn’t the case. Pull up banners are the simplest and the quickest to put up. They require unrolling from their case, pulling up, and hooking to secure. It is also easy to collapse these stands for easy disassemble. Pop up banners take a little more time as they have a frame to secure them and you need to slot individual elements into place. But both types of display stand are easy enough that any person can master the art of putting them up in a matter of minutes.

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