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Heating Your Florida Home

‘Heating’ and ‘Florida’ might sound odd in the same sentence to someone not from the Sunshine State, but any Floridian can tell you that we still get drastic cold snaps that can leave our homes chilly and uncomfortable. On…


How giving a small amount can make a big difference

When you see communities around the world hit by natural disasters or conflicts, you might feel powerless to help. The scale of these problems can seem overwhelming and you may be left wondering how any contribution you provide could…


5 Telltale Signs Your Spouse is Cheating on You

Marriage is one of the most highly celebrated unions in virtually any culture. It begins with a wedding that all your friends and loved ones attend and continues in a life spent together. Unfortunately, not all marriages end in…

Paleo Diets

Eggs – The Key Ingredient To Vegetarian And Paleo Diets

Vegetarianism is on the rise in North American culture, as is what’s known as the paleo diet – opting to eliminate pre-packaged or refined foods and starches in favour of consuming whole foods exclusively. A paleo diet by comparison…

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5 Unique Gifts for a New Homeowner

Like how excited mothers-to-be hold baby showers to celebrate their pregnancy, new homeowners celebrate buying and moving into a new house by holding housewarming parties. These joyous occasions mark an important milestone in an individual’s life, as well as…