What Makes a Great Golf Course in Oxfordshire?

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Oxfordshire has some excellent golf courses for golfers of all styles and abilities. Judging the best golf course in Oxfordshire is difficult because the decision is largely subjective, but there are certain aspects of Oxfordshire golf courses that make them special. The features that separate a good golf course from a poor course include the following considerations:

Excellent Conditioning

This one may seem to be pretty obvious, as it is clear you would want to play at an oxfordshire golf club that is in good physical shape. You certainly will enjoy your game, and be more successful, when the conditioning is perfect and every physical detail is taken care of.


The direction the holes are played makes a difference on Oxfordshire golf courses. Some of the best courses have a variety of different directions for play, so that golfers take advantage of weather conditions and also vary their shots, which keeps play interesting and exciting.


The design of a golf course is a highly technical and specialised thing. The bunkers and the water features are all placed where they are for a reason. An Oxfordshire golf course should be designed for fair play, to reward the best shots, and to meet with expectations. A good golf course adds interest in the form of its design but also allows golfers to benefit from the skill they take in playing certain shots at specific holes.


Look for a mixture of straight holes, long holes, short holes, doglegs, and other holes – each playing in a different direction (or a variety of directions, to keep things lively). The best golf courses have good variety and do not simply attempt to fit the holes into limited space. You will have a much better time playing on a more varied course, and luckily Oxfordshire has a great deal of varied courses to enjoy.


It is important to look at how the holes fit together in golf course design, because a set of great holes may be perfect individually but not work when they are actually on the course. The design should reflect an attention to continuity and effective use of the space and environment available.

Extras and Amenities

Golfers do not only appreciate the course, they also appreciate the amenities and facilities that add to the experience of using the course. For example, a great clubhouse with a lot of atmosphere, or an adjacent hotel where you can stay in luxurious surroundings. Golf courses and spas seem to go together, and there is always room for a pool where you can cool off after a round.



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