Everything You Need to Know about Trommel Screens

Trommel Screens

Screeners are widely used in farming and construction projects. They are the best when you want to sieve particles of different materials. The main aim of these machines is to separate materials easier and faster. Although these machines have been in existence for years, the main challenge was sieving wet materials such as wet compost, sand and soil. Unlike the traditional screeners, the invention of trommel screens has made it possible to sieve material particles regardless of their nature or state.

What exactly is a trommel or rotary screen?

A trommel screen is a screening machine with a cylindrical screen that spins while particles pass through it. Its ability to spin creates no room for material clogging. As it spins, the wet material moves around.

Advantages of trommel screens

There are great benefits of investing in trommel screens over traditional screeners. Trommel screens can also be hired or rented when needed. Here are some of the advantages of rotary screens.

Saves time

Sieving materials with a rotary screen saves a lot of time. Once powered up, this machine automatically spins allowing the required particles to be sieved through the screen. Compared to the static screeners where you force the movement of materials, this screen moves the materials round and round for easy sieving.

Saves cost

Besides saving time, this machine saves on energy costs. Traditionally, you needed to hire a screener and several employees to provide manpower. Overall, it would cost a lot of cash and energy to complete a single task. You can rely on this screen’s speed to handle multiple tasks within a short time.


This is the greatest advantage of this machine. Most contractors and landscapers rely on this machine for its ability to handle different tasks. A rotary screen is a sophisticated machine with speed and power to deliver excellent results within a short time.

Available in different sizes

The main short-coming of the traditional screens was space. Trommel screens, however, are manufactured in different sizes. You can choose a small or large screen depending on your budget and size of the project. Its spinning ability also enhances its space to sieve as it rotates at a high speed hence sieving a huge quantity of particles at any time.

How can I get a trommel machine?

You can buy, rent or hire a trommel rotary screen. The best option, however, is to buy your own screener. There are several places you can purchase a screener. However, it is best that you purchase from a reputable manufacturer. One of the best ways to find a reputable one is to search online. As you do your research, consider testimonials and reviews from other buyers. You can also consider the size of the trommel machines to determine the right one for you. Other factors to consider include price and type of work to be done.

This is a guide to help you find the latest trommel screens on the market. By searching online, you can find the best and trustworthy manufacturers in your area.

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