How to Repurpose Videos as Podcasts



Repurposing your videos can help you to give older videos a new lease of life, and create new types of content from it. One of the more interesting ways to repurpose videos is to transform them into podcasts.

Not only will repurposing your videos as podcasts give you a unique new form of content that you can distribute, but it is also one that is growing in popularity and will allow you to reach a wide audience.

In order to repurpose your videos as podcasts, there are a few basic steps that you should take:

Identify the right videos

Not every video can be effectively repurposed into a podcast, so it is important that you identify the right ones to use.

Ideally it should be a video with a detailed voiceover that can stand on its own. The voiceover should explain the video, but avoid directly referencing the visuals too frequently.

Generally videos such as how-to guides or vlogs tend to make for good podcasts.

Extract the audio

After identifying the video you want to use, you should extract the audio track from it and save it as an audio file.

If you want you can do that using Online Video Converter which will let you easily learn how to convert MOV to MP3. It will let you extract the audio from any video format, and because it is web-based you can conveniently access it from any device.

Edit the extracted audio

In most cases the audio that you extract from your video could do with a bit of editing. Typically you will want to remove any stray references that make it sound like a voiceover, or any dead space that was left for the visuals.

After you’ve trimmed out all the parts that aren’t needed, you can review the results. By this point you should be able to see the podcast take shape.

Record and add additional audio

Based on the edited audio, you should be able to determine whether or not you need to record any additional audio. For example you may want an introduction, a call to action to subscribe to your podcast at the end, or simply small segments to explain certain parts of the podcast better.

Once you record the additional audio that is required and insert it into your podcast – you should have the completed version.

Keep in mind that while the steps listed above will let you repurpose your videos into podcast content – there are other steps involved in setting up a podcast. Additionally you may need to create other material, choose a hosting provider, and so on.

Although setting up a podcast may seem challenging initially, it is a move that is likely to pay off in the long run. After you’ve done the groundwork you can start to repurpose other videos as podcasts too, or could even record a few original podcasts of your own to mix into your broadcast content.

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