The Latest Surface Pro Demands Protection

Latest Surface Pro Demands Protection

Next to its sheer processing power, portability is the latest Surface’s biggest strength. Its lightweight and easy-to-handle framework makes it incredibly convenient for anyone on the go. Unfortunately, the places it goes aren’t as friendly as the typical office or bedroom. When you take your tablet to coffee shops, libraries, and airports, the Pro 4 is up against a lot of situations that could potentially damage it. Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, the sharp objects and rough handling the Surface sees out in the real world can leave their marks.

To keep your device in mint condition, you’re going to need more than just hope and good behaviour. Even the most cautious, well-intentioned individual can accidentally damage their tablet. Your tablet should be safe regardless of how carefully you use it. Uncovered, it’s not protected, so it’s time you start investigating the best materials to wrap your tablet in.

Many people will automatically opt for hard and hefty plastic cases, thinking that bigger is better. In reality, it’s a boxy, ill-fitting prison that adds serious bulk to the device, defeating the purpose of its lightweight design. Others will try out gummy, silicone coverings, but if you’ve ever tried one out on your phone, you’ll know their surface is a homing beacon for dirt and grime. These materials just don’t do the Surface justice.

Vinyl, on the other hand, works so well with the tablet that it seems like it was made for the device. Skin providers like dbrand have realized the secret that vinyl provides full protective coverage without inviting any of the problems of mass or grime that other materials do. Surface Pro 4 skins in particular are made to match the device down to the micro-millimetre, so every speaker hole, button, and connective hub is accommodated for. To see how they match Microsoft’s designs perfectly, stop by and check them out in action.

The vinyl applies much like a sticker yet without any sticky, frustrating glue that could mar the Surface. It clings effortlessly to the chassis to form a slim covering that leaves only the touchscreen bare. Any part of the device it covers is protected from scratches, dents, and scuffs. Damages that the Pro seems to attract has to go through the vinyl first. Though thin, it stands up to most sharp edges, rough surfaces, and careless handling. It’s even waterproof and grime-resistant, so the tablet will stay clean for longer.

At first thought, vinyl doesn’t seem like an appealing addition to your sleek tablet. But no provider keeps the material in its natural state. When manufacturing it to fit the Surface, it undergoes a fashionable upgrade. The best skins Surface Pro users choose can take on a variety of colors and textures, so it’s as much of a fashion statement as it is a protective detail. Providers like dbrand let you build your own in real time on their website by offering an in-site app that mixes colors and textures together. Regardless of what you choose, it will always feel good in your hands.

There’s nothing worse than realizing your Surface is damaged due to your inaction, so don’t waste any more time before you create a skin for your Surface Pro 4 tablet. It’s the only to keep your device safe, stylish, and slight. Get online and start creating your own unique design. It’ll be in your mailbox and ready to apply faster than you think.

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