Universe2go, a celestial planetarium in your smartphone

Universe2go, a celestial planetarium in your smartphone

And there are few areas of entertainment applications for mobile phones are not able to cover. Games, news, videos, music, culture, social networks, among others, the time of the users and their increasingly powerful devices are disputed.

So it is not surprising that science, and in our case, astronomy, have a broad representation in this field.

Conceived as an eminently educational tool, planetary and astronomical maps, represented on the screen of our smartphones, they have achieved high levels of sophistication. There are numerous applications that show the stars, their names and characteristics, and no shortage of those for observing the sky interactively, simply heading towards him with our device for information on what we are seeing.

Universe2go, however, he has made a step forward in this competitive field. Also considered planetarium and star map that takes advantage of potential gadgets can make using one prepared specifically for this application and offers a new and unique experience by conventional astronomical applications.

Indeed, this is creating our own personal planetarium, implying feel immersed under the sky itself. The gadget that allows it is a passive device that lets you put inside our smartphone in a position to reflect its image towards our eyes. So, as if we had special glasses, through them we can see the sky as it presents the application, so immersive and even 3D.

In principle, the system is compatible with any modern smartphone, although this requires available GPS, gyroscope, compass and acceleration sensor, which is usual in new models.

With all this at your disposal, the Univers2go program operates in two formats: the stellar and planetary map. In the first case, it acts as electronic letter of stars available in our smartphone.

In the second case, and after appropriate calibration to fit our eyes and ambient lighting, we can use it as an interactive tool to learn where the constellations are and what stars they contain.

We aim with our head enough to a place from heaven for the system to automatically tell us what we’re seeing and some of its features. In its simplest aspect, we orient our head a certain star, and will place within the virtual yellow circle that offers application cursor mode, so that it can identify.

The program is accompanied by explanatory audio and music, and can even talk about the underlying mythology of the constellations, show deep sky objects such as galaxies and star clusters, etc.

In 3D mode, they can appreciate the difference in distances that are concerning us. In other modes of operation, and once we have some experience, you can hear the questions of the application to try to locate certain objects, or select one specific and follow directions and a marked route to find it in the sky. Naturally, there is an expert mode that lets you enable or disable various display options of certain stars, activate a grid or adjust the level of detail.

Of course, the application is updated regularly and offer new functionalities. Thus, while maintaining the gadget that acts as vision goggles, we will have a magnificent way, up to date, to learn about the universe and educate young people and all those family who want it.

Given the breadth and richness of the sky, surely we can spend countless hours exploring it in detail, familiarizing ourselves with him more and more and, gradually, reaching the level of experience that may encourage us to deepen this extraordinary hobby is astronomy, with or without optics. Precisely Universe2go was developed in Germany by amateur astronomers, who know very well what they expect those who want to look skyward.

Its contents are 3 hours of explanations, the Hipparcos catalog of 120,000 stars, Messier objects and NGC catalogs, images of planets and deep space objects, satellites, etc. As planetary augmented reality, it will indicate where the planets are at all times, even when we notify the International Space Station pass.

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